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Ten Benefits of Breast Feeding

December 04, 2011  by: Paulose  Points: 20   Category: Health    Views: 617

Universally we celebrate World Breast Feeding Week every year to think of the benefits of breast feeding. There can be no doubt that breast milk is the ideal food for the newborn baby. It helps also the mother.


Breast feeding is a time of happiness and a time when the bonding between the mother and baby is strengthened. The mother feeds her child with the God-given nectar which surpasses all man made compositions.

Ten benefits of breast feeding:

1) Breast milk is the healthiest food for the baby

Breast milk contains all the necessary nutrients that the baby needs. The human breast milk is said to contain more than 100 ingredients that can not be reproduced in commercial baby food formulas. It gives the baby everything that is needed for its healthy growth.

2) Breast milk is a more digestible baby food than any other formula

Breast milk is specially made for the baby. The composition of the breast milk changes all the time to meet the baby's needs. It is easier for the baby to digest, suitable for its developing digestive system. The contents of proteins and fats in the breast milk are easily digested by the baby's system.

3) It builds up the baby's immunity system

Breast feeding strengthens the immune system of the baby and protects it from infections and allergies. The baby is hardly ever allergic to breast milk. Breast fed children are less likely to become victims of diseases.

4) Breast feeding protects children from growing obese

Today obesity has become a great problem everywhere. Absence of breast feeding is one of the reasons for obesity. It is less likely that the child will be or become obese in life if they are breastfed as opposed to bottle fed.

5) Breast feeding protects kidneys

By having less sodium and protein breast milk breast feeding protects the child by putting less stress on its kidneys. This helps the baby's health in so many ways.

6) Fresh milk available at any time

Breast milk is always safe, fresh, perfectly clean, having the right temperature, instantly available and is the most nutritious feeding system.

7) Colostrum given in the first hour of birth is the best food for the baby

Colostrum is the yellowish, sticky breast milk produced at the end of pregnancy. If it is given to the child within an hour after the birth it protects the baby from infant mortality and so many diseases. It is a perfect food that has been strongly recommended by the WHO.

8) Breast feeding helps the shrinking of mother's uterus

Breast feeding makes the uterus of the mother come to its normal size as it was before her pregnancy. It also delays the return of her periods.

9) Controls mother's weight

Breast feeding helps the mother of the child to lose weight after birth. She burns many calories during lactation as her body produces milk. In fact, some of the weight gained during pregnancy serves also as an energy source for lactation.

10) Breast feeding protects the mother from cancer

The serious disease cancer has become common in the US and Europe. Recent researches have confirmed that the breast feeding mothers have very less chances of being affected by cancer.



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