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Review of Chitika Ads

December 04, 2011  by: Abhijit Bangal  Points: 12   Category: Blogging  Earning $0.70   Views: 838

When it comes to online earning the Google Adsense earnings program is what comes to mind first. However, it has been observed that the Adsense rules are very strict.


When it comes to online earning the Google Adsense earnings program is what comes to mind first. However, it has been observed that the Adsense rules are very strict. There have been some examples when the Adsense users had to lose their account for no fault of theirs. These users can seriously look up to Chitika as an option.

There are some alternatives though

This gave rise to the need of having another earning program that works on the lines of Google Adsense. And fortunately for those who are trying hard to earn online, they will find it in the form of Chitika. Yes, there are other online revenue earning and sharing models in the form of Bidvertiser, Adbrite, Kontera, Adbull, Infolinks, Exit Junction, Pocket Cents and Clicksor. These ad networks are some of the well known and prominent in the market. They have been more commonly used when Google Adsense was not available. They have their own sets of rules and have tried to keep their own identity in the market.

Chitika is one of the prominent options for Google Adsense

The better thing as far as Chitika is concerned, is that the program remains the first alternative to Google Adsense. It is actually a lot more precise. The idea behind the program is to serve ads after localizing the keywords and dishing out possibilities to what people are looking for. They try to cater to as close a search as possible. The close results are given the top priority by Chitika. There is a certain process by which Chitika serves out the ads. It is done by giving more focus on the content rather than the number of words in the article. So that should serve the smaller articles well too.

The best earning you can do through Chitika is by virtue of the United States and Canada traffic. The more traffic and clicks you get from these two countries, the more will earnings be. But it does not mean that there is no output from other sources of traffic. You can make good earnings with the traffic from other countries too. But it has a certain system that works and more importantly you should be aware of it. Without speaking generally, the precise condition for Chitika lies in the SEO of your articles. This means, you should get more traffic through search engines to earn more. It will be hard for those who do not get such traffic to earn through Chitika.

The features of Chitika ads

The ads of Chitika are easy to understand on a live web page. If you hover your mouse on the ads, then you will see the details of the ads in the form of tabs. These tabs give info like the picture of the product (if available), the features and the descriptions. It even caters to the reviews showing the user the best possible deals along with the option of a search box. The search box plays an important role here. It gives you the option of searching similar products that are available giving more control to the users. The good thing is that it does not need the user to leave the site.

The idea behind the search box is that it allows the users or visitors to remain on the same web page. This means, it is not necessary for them to leave the page or look for the concerned information elsewhere. This keeps your possible chances of earnings up to you only. It seems this trend is becoming popular and more acceptable to the common users out there. That is why more and more people are joining Chitika for this simple but extremely useful facility. It is most certainly the one-stop shop for the potential customers.

The similarities (with Google Adsense)

Those who are switching from Google Adsense to Chitika for some reasons, they should find a bit of similarities between the two ad programs. The first thing is that Chitika, like Google Adsense, pays you on the basis of the clicks you earned. There are eMiniMalls in the ads and the amount for that click is credited when a user clicks on this. The user does not need to in reality buy any product but you will still be paid for the clicks. Another similarity is that you can customize the ads like Adsense. Background colors, link colors, the colors of the ads, and the overall appearance, all can be customized to give it a feel like the background of the web page.

It is advised that you should go for these steps as it will help you to increase the CTR (Click Through Rate). It has been proved that the ads that blend better with the web page seem to yield better click rates than the simply integrated ads without any customization. Rectangle leaderboard, skyscraper and buttons are some of the ads sizes you can choose from - much like the Google Adsense. Google has twelve such ad unit sizes while Chitika has got ten.

The advantages of having Chitika ads

The good thing about the eMiniMalls is that the type of payment is about the same as that of Google Adsense's currently paid ads. It often goes on to pay at least two to three times more than Adsense. From the publishers' point of view, this is a great news. That gives it a good potential to earn. However, what would be the exact earnings depends on what value the product has. Of course, the more the value associated with the product, the more earning one will make.

Another plus side for the Chitika ads is that there are ads available for literally everything you can imagine of. There are plenty of categories, products and a range of niches to choose from. So whatever be your kind, you are sure to find a place with the Chitika ad network.

For better results, 'hide' the ads in your content and this will give you more clicks and a better earning opportunity.


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