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Why Godaddy is the king among domain registrars

December 04, 2011  by: Abhijit Bangal  Points: 12   Category: Blogging  Earning $0.50   Views: 643

One of the better options for domain registrars today is Godaddy. You will certainly want a good hosting option when you have done all the hard work with your web site.


One of the better options for domain registrars today is Godaddy. You will certainly want a good hosting option when you have done all the hard work with your web site. There have been lots of reviews about Godaddy already. But still let us have another look at it.

A little history of Godaddy

Godaddy is a web hosting company and internet domain registrar. Godaddy was established in the year 1997. The man behind the site is Bob Parsons. It is a huge site in itself that has registered around thirty million domain names way back in 2009. Experiencing internet without the presence of Godaddy is highly impossible as it has become an integral part of the web.

There are lots of schemes and offers Godaddy gives out from time to time. Here is a small bit of info about Godaddy's economy hosting.

100 email accounts

You will get email accounts in this format - @ youname.com. For economy hosting one hundred email accounts should be enough. If your web site is on the rising trend, then you will be surprised that even ten such email accounts will work for you. There is absolutely no need for so many of them, which Godaddy provides. support @ yourname.com, info @ yourname.com, contact @ yourname.com are the most commonly used email accounts. The availability of one hundred email accounts is going to be over flooding you.

10 GB space

As an account holder at Godaddy, you will get 10 GB of hosting space. There are other some hosting companies out there that promise of unlimited hosting space. Well, that is alright. However, it may cause an abuse of the hosting space. For only that reason, the hosting space with Godaddy is limited to 10 GB. But mind you, 10 GB is an ocean in itself. You can use this space to upload images, videos, songs or whatever you like. If your site is related to article writing, then 10 GB of space should suffice you for years.

300 GB transfer per month

300 GB of monthly transfer is a whole lot of thing. That is literally impossible to reach that point unless you have a site that allows to download movies, video songs MP3 files etc. That is a comfortable level of download transfer allotted through this plan.

Now you would be interested in knowing the rates of this plan after hearing all this. For a quarterly registration period, you will have to pay $5 per month. If you go for an annual plan, you will have to spend $4.74 per month. A two year plan will cost $4.49 a month. However, the three year plan is the most profitable of all. You will need to pay $4.24 per month which shows up around 15 per cent of saving.

Now let us turn towards Godaddy's deluxe hosting plan

500 email accounts

In the deluxe plan of hosting with Godaddy, you will get as many as five hundred email accounts. That is a huge list of email accounts. If you have a web site where there are various writers writing for you then you can assign each one of them with a private email account. This mail account is of the company and the writer's private email address is never exposed.

150 GB space

As mentioned in the economy hosting plan which carries storage space of 10 GB, in the deluxe plan, you can get storage space of 15 times greater - 150 GB. This is good for web sites that have movies or songs or videos uploaded. Only for a text based article site, this amount of space is certainly not needed.

1500 GB transfer per month

This plan offers a monthly transfer of 1500 GB in total. It is good for video tutorials and such kind of stuff. Downloading bigger files with huge size can hardly make up for the 1500 GB of transfer each month. Apart from that it offers you 25 MySQL databases. The cost of these plans stand at $6.99 per month.

The unlimited plan

There is everything 'unlimited' in the unlimited plan. It will come at a cost of $14.99 per month. However, the cost is worth the price for financially strong business houses. The SSL certificate comes free for you. The storage space and the monthly transfer are also unlimited. The plan gives you as many as one thousand email accounts along with unlimited number of MySQL databases.

That is not all. The features of the hosting company do not end here. There are some more things to mention that will bring you in awe of the world class support Godaddy has. There is round the clock FTP access for you. So you never have to plan your schedule at least for this purpose. There are world quality data centers. Your sites are always safe with Godaddy as they take daily backups.

Godaddy has the best of breed routers with them. You also get to see your web site stats, which gives you a good idea where you stand in the web. You can also use the Google webmasters Tools. You as a member also get ad credits from MySpace, Facebook and even Google. There is 24 X 7 support available for you. So if you are in trouble at any time, it does not matter.

The sign of a good domain registrar is the one when it has a near perfect uptime. This is the time that reflects when a server is available and running your web site. Godaddy is the best option when it comes to the uptime. That is not all. Godaddy also specializes in the VPS sector as well. The VPS stands for Virtual Private Server. It dedicates one machine only for one single web site. With the VPS service from Godaddy, you can get the independence of managing your site as an individual.

Godaddy offers VPS economy plans as well. With 500 GB bandwidth with three dedicated IPs your site loads at the click of a button. It gives you 10 GB of storage space, which might seem a bit on the lower side. However, with other a Premium Plan, you can also get more disc space if needed.


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