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Shield Your Health with Winter Care

December 04, 2011  by: Paulose  Points: 12   Category: Health  Earning $0.40   Views: 639

Winter is a hazardous time when you have to shield your health carefully. Change in weather conditions, decreasing temperature and other dangers of winter may put you in trouble. You have to shield yourself with proper dress, food and restriction from unnecessary outdoor activities.


Winter has come with all its health hazards. There are sudden changes in the climate. The temperature is going down unsteadily, causing dangers of infections and making your life lethargic and slow. It is the season when you are easily affected with common cold, sore throat, cough, nasal or chest constriction, fever, body ache, etc. You may feel drowsy and craving to eat something. Winter is the time when you have to armor and protect your health with the shields of proper dress, nutritious food and restriction of outdoor activities.

Winter dress

Dressing in winter needs much attention especially when you go out. It is necessary to keep your body warm and comfortable. There are also many outdoor activities in winter. Hence it is quite essential to dress properly to keep the heat of the body. In some places, freezing temperatures and cold winds can cause parts of the body to freeze and can even cause death if it is not covered with proper dress. Dressing in layers and covering all the parts of the body is very important.

Inside the house, wearing at least two or three thin layers of clothes on the body, arms, and legs may be enough. Several lightweight, loose layers of clothing will keep you warmer than one heavy layer. Avoid wearing wet clothes.

Winter food

Winter is the time you have to follow some dietary and lifestyle precautions so that you can protect yourself from the susceptibility to infections.
1) Dietary precautions may include avoiding eating cold foods which may affect your throat. Do not eat food stuffs straight out of the refrigerator. Cold water, ice cream, or cold soft drinks may harm your sensitive throat. Constriction in throat may slowly lead to cold and other illnesses. Eat warm foods.
2) Do not restrict intake of liquids and water. Liquids taken may be used up by the body functions such as digestion, metabolism and maintaining the body temperature. Dehydration may affect the moisture level of the skin. Hence it is necessary to keep your body hydrated in winter.
3) Take foods that increase immunity. You may increase intake of liquids by taking soups, etc. Addition of ginger and garlic in these soups can act as natural agents to fight against infection. Drinking tea or coffee may help you keep you active.
4) Avoid deep fried, oily and fatty foods in winter. They affect your health more in winter and also increase weight. Sour fruits and foods may affect your throat.

Winter lifestyle

Winter is a season when you may feel lethargic and drowsy. But this will lead you to eat more and increase your weight. Keep yourself active with something or other that keeps you moving. Avoid overeating and the dangerous tendency to sleep more. Do some exercises to burn your calories and keep yourself warm.

Outdoor activities in winter

Restriction from outdoor activities does not mean to be lazy and sleeping all the time. It means not exposing yourself to sudden change in the temperature. The temperature inside house may differ greatly from the temperature outside. Exposure to such a change suddenly will definitely affect your body temperature. Involve in some physical activities. You may do some yoga exercises which help your immunity.


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