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5 popular music industry jobs

December 04, 2011  by: Abhijit Bangal  Points: 12   Category: Music  Earning $0.40   Views: 761

Today music industry has a lot of potential and is safe to choose this as your full time career.


Today music industry has a lot of potential and is safe to choose this as your full time career. However, apart from being the music director or producer, there are some other fields which you can target with your music knowledge. Here we will discuss five of the top popular industry jobs in music.

Be a music promoter

The career of a music promoter is for those who love the live music. The work of promoting a show is full of fun, is exciting and is fast paced. However, it comes with its share of hard work. The music promoter needs to make any concert public and known to the general people. A music promoter generally has to work with an agent. As the conditions or the terms are put, the promoter may also need to work with the bands directly. In some cases, they also need to make hotel arrangements or/and the backline for the entire band.

A music promoter may also feel the need to make negotiations with the music band. This may also include the amount of money the band will be paid. The role of a music promoter also includes booking the venues for the concert, promoting the event with the local publishing media like press or radio etc. however, a music promoter is not the same as what a PR agent or a radio plugger is.

Music agents

Those who make the live music a reality are called music agents. A music agent is also known as a talent agent or a booking agent. Music agents may need to work with music promoters while negotiating the venues and the payments to be made to the performers. The role of a music agent may vary depending upon the size or the level of the band they are going to work with. A music agent may need to negotiate with the bands or the management in terms of any financial or logistical needs of the band.

Music agents may also need to contact the promoters to see to it that the dates of the concert are favorable. They also need to address the guest list or other kind of equipment that may be needed at various times during the actual performance or the concert. These music agents are paid according to a percentage the entire tour gets. Usually the music agents get in the range of 10% to 15% of the entire tour earnings.

Record Producer

There are many kinds of record producers so to say. In-house record producer, independent record producer and hip hop record producers are some of the kinds of a record producer. But broadly speaking, record producers need to work with the bands, musicians, studio engineers etc. This is where the music is 'produced'. A record producer may need to arrange parts of a track or at times, even write it. As far as the in-house record producer is concerned, he may work with a specific studio. The cost of such an in-house record producer may be inclusive of the rent of the studio itself.

In-house record producers are in good demand that is why the studios aim to keep them as long as possible. Independent record producers are generally taken up by the bands. The bands try to cash in on the experience of such a record producer. The next steps of the recordings are then carried out in the studios. The producer oversees the sessions and keeps a watch on the recordings, mixing etc. The popularity of the hip hop made the producers the kings. Higher quality producers commanded higher fees.

Music Journalists

The meaning of the word journalist cannot be taken literally in the field of music. However, these people write about music and the business as a whole. The role of a music journalist can be varied. Some journalists write about new releases. They write reviews about new albums, new DVDs new and upcoming shows etc. Other types of journalists write about the more in depth analysis of music. They also interview the musicians. There are such kinds of music journalists that write about the industry as a whole. They also need to write about any burning topic as and when it arises.

A music journalist can target magazines based specially on music. An album review is the most common subject to write on. Another example of the print media option is newspapers. Most newspapers do carry music reviews on varying levels. You can even get a good job for the online review writing assignments. But you will have to be quick in posting the review as a 'news' because these reviews are searched like a craze when the concerned album is released.

Cover art designer

A cover art designer is essentially a graphics designer who essentially keeps his focus on projects related to music. As the title of the job suggests, the work a cover art designer needs to do is design various art pieces for posters, t-shirts or other kind of merchandise. What exactly a graphics designer will work on depends on the project in hand or what the expectations of the label work are. The person who hires the graphics designer usually assigns the amount and volume of work he is expecting. If there is any specific notion the individual wants from the designer, he is so told. At times, the designer has to creatively design with his own ideas.

Such graphics designers are hired for a certain project only. You can be a freelance graphics designer. But for that you will have to build up your own reputation by having your designs for album covers. The initially struggle may be hard but the efforts may be worth it. With due course of time and your reputation you can make your future job search easier. However, there are in-house graphics designers with some companies on a permanent basis. These designers then cannot work for other record labels at the same time. But when there is a permanent job on hands, no one would want to find any more jobs.


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