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Popular treadmill workouts

December 04, 2011  by: Abhijit Bangal  Points: 12   Category: Health  Earning $0.75   Views: 1020

Treadmill workouts have got their own sets of advantages over those workouts done outdoors, especially running.


Treadmill workouts have got their own sets of advantages over those workouts done outdoors, especially running. Outdoor running can be hampered by chilly weather and even heavy rains. That is why treadmill workouts are the popular option for youngsters.

Benefits of treadmill workouts

Treadmill workouts will always remain ahead of the outdoor workouts for many reasons. Treadmill workouts are more convenient than going for your exercise session outdoors. You save time by not travelling outdoors. Instead, you can work more indoors. You get more controlled environment indoors than going out. Therefore, it is easy to monitor your progress all the time. By working indoors you save your knees from running up and down the hill.

There is a comprehensive list of treadmill workouts that will be beneficial in various ways. Some of the benefits of such workouts are as follows

The Best Exercise for Getting in Shape

For those with higher fat on the body, the treadmill exercises are the best option for getting in shape. It burns out your calories and the extra fat on your body. Running is one of the workouts that a lot of people resort to. It is one of the most effective ways of burning your calorie. A huge amount of muscle is exercised in the process. When it comes to cardiovascular fitness, running is at the fore of the options. For that matter have you seen any fat or overweight runner around?

Less strain on your knees and ankles

Another benefit of treadmill exercise is that they are armed with deck cushioning. This helps in absorbing the impact on the knees, ankles, various joints of your legs and ultimately the spinal cord. There are various levels of thickness of the cushioning. Depending on those levels, the impact absorbed can be anything between 15% and 40%. Of course, your body weight also plays an important part in deciding how much impact can get absorbed. The more impact absorbed, the longer you can continue.

We will now have a look at what treadmill workout plans can be exercised by using interval timing.

Adjust the incline

This is the best bet for those who are starting this kind of fitness program. To start off, you can begin with the zero incline. Also keep a watch on the pace so that you will not get exhausted faster. A warm up of about three to five minutes is fine for beginners. To go to the next level, increase the incline level which will make you work harder for at least half a minute. Once you get an idea of how much you exhaust yourself, then set the incline back to zero again. Warm yourself up again briefly. Then once again raise the incline level. You can repeat such cycle for around eight to ten times.

Modified Tabata

Tabata is an interval protocol that is divided into twenty seconds of workout followed by ten seconds of rest. This cycle is repeated at least eight times. This means, rest included you work for not less than four minutes. But remember, for beginners, these four minutes will become an integral part of your memory. With treadmill this cycle can get disturbed as the belt will take time to speed up and slow down every time you start and stop. So, for better results, you can go for twenty five seconds of workout and fifteen seconds of rest.

Focus on speed

Once you get a good idea of how much you can work out and what kind of stamina level you have, you can concentrate more on speed than anything else. You can use the same logic as used for the incline - by adjusting the speed instead. Do not forget that the treadmill gather enough speed only in a matter of a few seconds. Only for this reason, the speed you will be using for this purpose should challenge your physical temperament and the overall stamina. But remember never to strain your body and muscles beyond your capacity just to prove a point to yourself.

Rest to work ratio

Here the word 'rest' should not be seen in a literal meaning. 'Rest' implies for the low intensity to the higher intensity. When writing this ratio, the 'rest' is always expressed first followed by the 'work'. So if you are expressing your ratio as 2:1 then you are resting twice as much of what you are working. If you take rest for thirty seconds, then you are working for fifteen seconds. For beginners, the ratio of 2:1 should be fine. Tampering with the ratio can bring stress to your various energy systems. However, changing the ratio is also an important factor taking into account the sport you are preparing for.

Walking backwards

Walking on the treadmill backwards is another type of exercise you can try out, but with great caution. It would be wise to use the incline if you ever want to try walking backwards. This will make your workout more challenging. You may need to turn around at times if you need to make any changes in the incline. So you have to be very careful when doing so. There are pre-programmed intervals designed for workouts. That would be better if you use them for backward walking.

Mistakes and precautions to take when working with a treadmill

But there are some precautions you should take when working with a treadmill. The treadmill is a thing not many are used to working with it. You should read the handbook or get enough knowledge before actually working with it. Another thing you should know that a constant walk on the treadmill is not going to give you long lasting results. Rather a brisk running or fast walking will serve your purpose better. There are people who are 'experts' in avoiding the warm-ups. Stretch out yourself before beginning with the actual exercise. How long strides you are taking also play an important part in your workout. Longer strides are recommended for better results. If your strides are not longer, you are not getting enough out of your efforts.

Author: Paulose        
Posted Date: 01/10/2012    Points:2    

Treadmill is occupying houses nowadays since life has become more sedentary. Computer and other equipment have reduced physical exercises. Treadmill is a great boon to move the body and burn calories. Thank you for this elaborate article.

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