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How to become a music producer

December 04, 2011  by: Abhijit Bangal  Points: 12   Category: Music  Earning $0.35   Views: 696

One of the never dying fields of entertainment is that of the music producer. Becoming a music producer is all a thing of creativity.


One of the never dying fields of entertainment is that of the music producer. Becoming a music producer is all a thing of creativity. But it also depends on the fact what type of producer or artist you want to become.

Some of the steps involved in the process are as follows:

  • You should have personal computer with good sound cards

  • You will need music production software that you can download from the web

  • You will have to practice making your desired tunes

  • For more advanced career in the music field

You may feel the need of a tutor or a mentor
You can spread the word about your new music with the help of the social networking sites
The above mentioned steps can set you on the path of becoming a music producer. But for that let us look at these steps in detail.

A personal computer

Today computers have touched almost each and every step of the human life and music can be no different. There are lots of software available on the internet that help in building the right kind of music. There are many nuances in this field that can be brushed up only with the help of the computer. Moreover, you get to listen to the produced piece of music as well before finalizing it. You can even do with an Apple Mac for that matter. It can serve you in the same way as your PC when it comes to creating and managing your tunes.

Music production software

There are a lot of music production software available freely to use. Fruity Loops, Logic Pro and Pro Tools are some examples of the music production software. With a little research, you can get more choices. You can compare which ones you feel are suitable or not. Make a Google search for more information.

Practice your tunes

As the adage goes, practice makes man perfect, so you have to go with it. There are two things when it comes to practicing music. One of them is listening and the other is making your own, of course, creatively. Listening to music is also a part of creativity. You can find out the details for yourself by constantly listening to various tunes. It can teach you a lot of things. You can learn how the audio is mixed, at what places which instruments are used. It would be wise to listen to that genre of music that you are especially interested in. It would help you improve in the days to come.

The other part is more important that involves the practical. You have to build your own score. You can start with smaller tunes with your preferred instruments. It will give you more confidence and that would be of immense help. What you can do is, try to imitate the music tunes by listening. That would make you use the same instruments in a more professional way. If you are successful in making inroads in this way, then you can confidently go on to compose your own tunes.

The need of a tutor or a mentor

As you catch up with the initial talent of handling the instruments and scoring music by memorizing the tunes, it is time you go on to the next level. This level is when you need a tutor or a mentor to polish your skills. When it comes to any field of arts like music for example, a guru is an all important person in your life. With experience and study, your mentor has become a seasoned person in the field of music. Whatever be your level of grasping, a tutor is a must, unless you have some special talents in the field of music where you can do without one.



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