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Newborn baby feeding schedule - A handy guide for young mothers

December 04, 2011  by: Abhijit Bangal  Points: 12   Category: Health  Earning $0.35   Views: 869

First time mothers are always concerned about deciding how the feeding schedule of her first baby should be.


First time mothers are always concerned about deciding how the feeding schedule of her first baby should be. That is quite natural to feel this way. A lack of experience or the care she looks to take of her baby forces her to take the note of a feeding schedule more seriously. Read on to know more.


Let us begin from the start i.e. the birth of the infant. Since the birth, you need to breastfeed your baby at least eight to ten times per day. These are the days when the baby gets the right amount of nutrition from its mother. The baby will be either eating or sleeping most of the time during these initial days. That is why, there will be no exact schedule that you need to follow or in fact, the baby will not allow you to do so. However, as days go by, there can be a specific timetable that the parents can follow.

Three to six months

Around three months after the baby's birth, it will be lesser number of times that the baby will be fed. This number can drop from maximum twelve times a day to around seven to eight times a day. When this number drops, then the time of feeding also gets to set in gradually. The morning time is one of the many intervals when a young mother would be feeding her newborn. This also involved feeding the baby with formula food like milk. As the baby goes towards the sixth month of its life, you can try spoon feeding as well. Even a pediatrician will guide you about the formula milk and spoon feeding by this time.

Six to eight months

The age of six to eight months of a baby is the time for two important things in it early life. This is the time when you can start giving your baby newer foods and also check for what type of food can get allergic. These are two important things in the life of both you and your baby. So what are the new food items you can introduce? Some of the examples of the food items are banana, carrot, potatoes, pureed vegetables and squash. You can take turns to feed your baby with any of these eatables.

Smaller morsels are the best to start with. You can mash the potatoes or even make a mixture of banana with a little amount of milk. The introduction of either of these food items can taste how the baby can digest food at this age. Moreover, if you feel any particular item is not good for your baby or it has problems in digestion you can either lessen the amount or stop that type of food for some longer duration.

Eight to twelve months

A baby of around ten months of age is able to somehow eat from its own plate. However, from the age of eight months you can start to introduce various types of food items for your baby. But just remember to give it food that your baby can easily chew and swallow. Also take care that the food you are offering is digestible considering the age of your baby. Macaroni, eggs, biscuits softly cooked vegetables, ripened fruits that it can take morsels of and similar kind of eatables. Fruit juices that are non-citrus can also be introduced in the baby's diet plans. Until time - around the age of twelve, the baby will be eating only about three to four times a day. The amount of breast feeding will also come down.

Important tips and information

During the first three to near about six months of the age, an infant grows at a rapid pace. This stands for the need of calories that are suitable taking into account the baby's age and health. The crying of the baby also suggests that they need more calories and they wake up at any time of the day or even night. Initially the baby will need feeding every two hours or so. After a couple of hours, or even lesser time of sleep the baby will again wake up hungry.

Chalk out a plan that suits you best by keeping a track when you fed your kid. You along with your husband can keep record of these developments. When you start with other types of food other than the mother's milk, the iron fortified rice cereal should ideally be the first food your baby eats. You can also try oatmeal which is also a type of cereal. When you first introduce solid food, it would be better to use a teaspoon. That amount of food in one go would not be too much for the baby's mouth. You can slowly shift to tablespoon after studying how your baby responds to mouthful of morsels.

There is a myth that feeding cereals will make your baby sleep quicker and longer. Do not feed your baby with loads of cereals to make it sleep earlier. Whatever may you have heard or read, remember it is a myth. A baby will sleep and wake up (usually crying) depending on its needs for calories as mentioned above. So do not test the digestion system of your baby at this tender age. It will create problems like gas in its stomach and probably will be a new headache for you.

If your baby develops allergy to any kind of food, it would be better to consult a child specialist. Many doctors have a chart, that advices the new parents about child feeding, the food items to be allowed to intake, the amount of food, the calories they give to the baby etc. There are already many details available in such charts. Get this chart from your doctor so that it will be easier for you to maintain a good schedule. If you feel the chart does not contain enough information, you can easily make your own chart by filling in the required information.


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