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Illegal Kidney Transplant Rackets of India

December 04, 2011  by: S. Chowdhury  Points: 12   Category: Others  Earning $0.60   Views: 1337

The illegal kidney transplant rackets in India are bustling with activity, as India has become a tourism spot for wealthy people all around the world in urgent need for kidneys and ready to pay a lump sum amount for it. Despite a clear law banning any such activity in India it is flouted on a daily basis.


Kidney is a vital organ of the human body. Its primary role is to filter blood and keep it clean from various wastes and excess water by flushing out the wastes in the form of urine. Thus proper functioning of a kidney in a human body is absolutely imperative. Every healthy human being has two functioning kidneys in their body. If one of the kidneys stop functioning due to some disease or complication or has to be removed for some disease like Kidney Cancer or if somebody donates a kidney, then one can still survive with one kidney with some minor restrictions and problems. But many people in the world have both of their kidneys damaged or afflicted and they direly need a kidney transplant from a donor or bear the high cost of dialysis.

Therefore the demand for a kidney transplant is huge around the world and it is not easy to find donors always as lots of rules, restrictions and other factors are involved. Generally people look for a related live donor or a cadaver donor (kidney of a deceased person). When those options aren't available then one looks for a non-related live donor. Non-related live donors are not allowed in many countries as it involves clandestine monetary deals many times which is totally illegal. Kidney donations done in good intention are no match to selling one in terms of numbers. Therefore a strict vigil is kept to stop such malpractice. Here is where the unscrupulous elements chip in to make hay of the situation.

In a country like India where corruption is absolutely awesome it is not that difficult to bribe either health officials or hospital authorities and it become more beneficial for the touts when all of them become involved in a racket. Thus it creates a breeding ground for kidney peddlers to operate with great impunity and make lots of money out of each kidney sale, not necessary the donor though. These people contact wealthy patients or their relatives in need of kidneys from India and around the world and strike a deal with them. Since poverty is widespread in India hence there is no dearth of kidney donors. The kidney peddlers give a small percentage to the donor and consume the chunk of the booty even after bribing authorities or sharing the booty with their partners in crime.

These people have sold their Kidneys

At least those donors who get about a lakh of rupees or thereabout for a kidney can consider themselves lucky, as many are not so fortunate. There have been lots of cases where illiterate people have been lured on the pretext of job opportunities and then drugged by deceit and the organ taken away by operating them in unconscious state. When they discover the grim truth after seeing the operation marks later or after some complications or health check-up it is already too late.

One such illegal kidney transplant racket was busted in Gurgaon in 2008 and it made headlines then but it is just the tip of an iceberg. Such incidents continue on the sly and even though the police might feign ignorance but the possibility of them being hand-in-glove with the perpetrators cannot be ruled out by any means. And just like in the 2008 Gurgaon case there are many dishonest doctors involved in such rackets also who know the details of the operation and other related tests and requirements and do it personally most of the time or in hospitals or nursing homes where they can carry out their nefarious actions. Even many times these corrupt doctors double up the role of the touts to consume even more money. These are people who don't have any conscience really.

The Kingpin of the Gurgaon kidney sale racket

The situation presently is such that India has become a major tourism spot for illegal kidney transplants and wealthy people are flocking in numbers from around the world and mostly from developed countries like U.S., Canada and many European nations. Even though selling or buying kidneys is totally banned in India under the 'Transplantation of Human Organs Act - 1994' but this law is flouted on a daily basis. The World Health Organization is also concerned about the matter prevailing in India and other countries and has already urged its members to take necessary steps. But it will take a real effort not only from the government but also from other sections of society like NGOs and citizen groups to break this unholy nexus between touts, corrupt health officials, greedy hospitals and nursing homes and dishonest doctors.

It cannot be ignored that poverty is one of the major causes that drive donors to take such steps and fall prey many times to the lure of big money while the real culprits walk scot-free. It is time the government wakes up to this damning reality and does its role in creating more awareness about the issue and make real contributions towards development of the poorer sections of the country, which it has not cared about really in all this time.

Author: joeldgreat        
Posted Date: 12/08/2011    Points:5    

Kidney is I think the number one organ being sold in the world. Its not only happening in your country but to most third world countries as well, including mine. As one can still live with only one kidney, many poor people are tempted to sell one of their kidney. The problem is that they sold it for a very cheap price while the buyer can sell it ten times the actual amount. There are laws that protects us from this kind of crimes, but most of those who sell their kidneys had no other choice as they are blinded by the amount of money they could have. Our law enforcers do enforce the law but it is not enough.

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