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Terrorism in China's Xinjiang Province

December 05, 2011  by: Madan G Singh  Points: 15   Category: Political    Views: 573

China is also facing Muslim terrorism in its remote Xinjiang province, but China is taking a hard line against it.


China is obsessed with India and that has dictated its policy of befriending Pakistan. The results have not been what the Chinese had hoped for and in Xinjiang they are facing a Muslim agitation and terrorist movement, which draws its inspiration from Pakistan.
Terrorism in Xinjiang

Xinjiang is China's largest Administrative region and its borders touch India, Pakistan, Russia and the central Asian states. This is the only region in China where the majority is Moslem, though this has been diluted to a great extent with the resettlement of Han Chinese there. The community spearheading the Islamic resurgence in Xinjiang is the East Turkish Islamic Movement (ETIM)

China is now faced by an increasingly militant Islamic movement that is spearheaded by the Uyghur ethnic community which are 99% Muslim. These people want to separate from China and set up their own Islamic state the East Turkestan Republic, which existed for a few years in the 1930s with Russian support.

However China cannot allow this as its strategic importance to China is immense. It was the site of the nuclear test in 1964 at Lop Nor, when as per western sources 200,000 locals may have perished. The Chinese for all their brilliance have not understood that Islam has an appeal that transcends nations and for die hard Muslims, loyalty to Islam is more important than nationalism. The USA has also learn't this lesson the hard way with US Army's Muslim troops shooting their own soldiers dead.

China is now beset with this movement by the ETIM which is banned in the USA as well as a terrorist movement. The problem had been simmering from the 80's, but now with a resurgent Islam all over the world it has gained momentum even in Xinjiang. There have been many attacks on the Police and some bomb blasts have also occurred as far away as Beijing, which is 4000 km from Xinjiang.
The Sponsor is Pakistan

The Chinese have realized that most of the terrorism going on in Xinjiang is foreign sponsored and Pakistan is one of the sources. The Pakistan government would not like to intervene in Xinjiang for historical reasons, so as to not annoy China, but independent groups are going ahead. China has realized that befriending a Muslim state like Pakistan is like a double edged sword. The Chinese have warned Pakistan, but the movement is not likely to die down. This year more that 200 Islamic protestors have been shot dead. So let us remember that the USA and the free world are not the only ones facing terrorism, but Russia in Chechnya and China in Xinjiang are also facing it, not forgetting the terrorist movement in Kashmir.

Author: Chandan Singh Raj        
Posted Date: 12/05/2011    Points:3    

Dear sir,
I have gone through the article, you have written. It is a good psychology that now people are sensing the problem, which is emerging in this modern time, but the main aspect is the Philosophy of terrorism. First we have to know the history of emergence of the 'ISLAM'. Then we can or the world will discover the actual surgical remedies to the problem

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