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Twenty Tips To Manage Your Stress

December 05, 2011  by: Paulose  Points: 25   Category: Health    Views: 821

Stress is the culprit in palpitations, heart attacks, migraines, and tension head aches, stomach disorders, ulcers, diabetes, backache, and so on. It can be handled carefully so that it may not affect our lives too much.


A stress-free existence has become a mirage especially in this consumerist world. As Hans Selve has commented, "Complete freedom stress is only death". The pressure of modern life style ensures that stress is always lurking in the background. It is generally assumed that adverse life events or challenges called stressors cause stress in us. If this stress becomes very intense or chronic, it leads to stress-related diseases.

20 tips to overcome stress

1) First, find out the causes in your life that lead to stress. Knowing the causes will certainly relieve the stress to a considerable level.

2) Watch your spontaneous reactions to stress. Find out the immediate reactions that follow when you are affected by stress.

3) Search and identify the areas in your life that you can change to reduce your negative stress.

4) Learn to control your physical reactions to deal with stress. You may get anger and throw things, etc.

5) Regular exercise can help you to control yourself. They can control your physical capacity to deal with stress.

6) Try to build up your positive strength and emotional ability to deal with stress.

7) By vigilant efforts teach yourself to control your feelings to stress instead of allowing it to control you.

8) Make stress to your advantage. It is not our goal to eliminate stress which is quite difficult. But if we handle it carefully we can use it for our advantage.

9) By slow observation you can find out the optimum level of stress you can tolerate before working in that range.

10) Keep yourself away from the use of all drugs or medicines as means of achieving quick stress relief.

11) Learn to lead a simple and contented life minimizing your needs. You can avoid unnecessary luxuries and costly comforts which may ass your stress more and more.

12) Spend your money carefully asking yourself if it is absolutely necessary for you. Anxieties and tensions increase when people go for things beyond their reach. Be prudent in your expenditure.

13) Be aware that you cannot expect anything from others beyond their capacity. You should maintain minimum expectation from others.

14) Today is the day of importance. What is past is past. You cannot rely on the future. So give importance to 'today' and carry out things accordingly.

15) Loneliness may increase your stress and cause you more troubles. Avoid loneliness and idleness. Learn to live with loneliness if it is a must for you in a productive manner.

16) Do not forget that sleep is very essential for your body and mind. You should have adequate sleep to maintain your health.

17) Rest is very important. There are a lot of relaxation techniques and exercises. Learn them and practice them regularly.

18) During your work try to take periodical breaks. But that should not affect your job. Spend quality time with some of your people you enjoy.

19) Work with your hands as much as possible. Avoid too much off passivity in living styles.

20) Food is another important thing. Follow healthy habits of eating. Avoid overeating, junk foods, too much fatty foods, etc.


Author: Dr. Simran Kaur        
Posted Date: 12/06/2011    Points:1    

Music therapy also proves to be very good in relieving stress and anxiety.

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