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Corruption Game in Indian Sports

December 05, 2011  by: Paulose  Points: 12   Category: Others    Views: 530

Corruption is the ugliest Devil of modern commercialized civilization. It is found all over the world. It has affected India top to bottom.


Corruption is a global phenomenon-hard to measure. It is found all over the world. But it has rotted the very roots of Indian morality. According to the Global Corruption Index, out of 133 countries listed in the order of corruption, India ranks a poor 83. Today corruption has become the modern lifestyle of India.

What Lok Nayak Jayaprakash Narayan stated in the 70s is cent percent true. "As I diagnose the poor cause of the country's critical state of health, I identify it unhesitatingly as corruption and precipitous fall in the moral standards of our politics and public life." No doubt, today the situation is still worse. Corruption is described as 'financial terrorism' indulged in by brutal people.

Commonwealth Games at Delhi

Commonwealth Games were held last year(2010) from 3rd October to 14th at the venues of Delhi, the capital of India. 71 countries participate in the games. For the past seven years India had been getting ready for the commonwealth Games. Although eighteen-fold amount of what was proposed in the beginning had been spent for this until the beginning of games, most of the preparatory works were still incomplete. At that stage there had been a lot of allegations from all sides about the involvement of corruption.

Intervention of the Government

Attacked from many sides regarding allegations of corruption in the Commonwealth Games, the Indian government promised to take action against those found guilty. The Prime Minister of India ordered to probe into the matter and speed up the work.

Media report s

According to the media reports, it has been found that serious discrepancies like award of works at higher rates to bidders, poor quality of construction and grant of work to ineligible agencies in as many as 16 different Commonwealth Games-related construction works being carried out by various departments. Despite higher rates, transgressions of rules, poor site management, delays in project works and quality compromises have been observed. Huge money transfers without any receipt have been reported.

In the year 2003 an amount of 6550 million rupees (655 crore) was allotted for the Commonwealth Games as per the estimate given. But this time the expenditure has become 11494 million rupees and the expected income was to be 17080 million rupees. The Delhi government had allotted 63990 million rupees for the expenses.

Every year, since the year 2000, October/November, the 'Vigilance Awareness Week' gets religiously organized in the all the offices of the Indian Government, Central as well as State. They take the anti-corruption pledge. But what is in realty? It is high time for all for an examination of conscience.



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