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Freedom Amidst Tumultuous Roads

December 06, 2011  by: Fluorescentwords  Points: 5   Category: Others    Views: 520

This is my first attempt at a sonnet. It talks about my rocky road towards defeating my personal demons and overcoming insurmountable odds; negativity, with re-enforced divine blessings.


My deliverance! Freedom taken, earned, re-gained!
And still I am a prisoner of myself and ignorance
Against all odds I've overcome many obstacles
The roads taken were not easy ambles
They were filled with bumps and shambles
Often I look to my past for answers
And often I fall in the same blunders
The mountains seem too high to climb
Nevertheless, I am not he who makes excuses
I am a warrior, willing and able
Ambition and dedication are my fuzes
With God besides me, I am capable
Though the journey will produce many bruises
My faith is unshaken, my fate inescapable!



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