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Treatment With Laughter Pills

December 06, 2011  by: Paulose  Points: 20   Category: Health    Views: 685

Laughter is a reaction to the absurdity of life. The capacity to laugh and make others laugh is a special gift that can build up healthy relationships.


Laugh out loud to open your arteries and enhance your immune system. Laughter is a pill; a reliable medicine. Laughter is a reaction to the absurdity of life. The capacity to laugh and make others laugh is a special gift that can build up healthy relationships. Everyone welcomes the sweetness of laughter. It helps to cure diseases as well as prevent them. Modern science has proved that laughter is also a therapy.

Samuel Butler The Younger says, "A sense of humor keen enough to show a man his own absurdities will keep him from the commission of sins, or nearly all save those that are worth committing."

Humor has been the index of a civilization

Humor has been the index of civilization throughout history. That is why we find that there were clowns or jokers in the courts of kings. Akbar, the great Mogul emperor, had Birbal in his court just to create a humorous atmosphere in the royal court. Krishnadevaraya, a famous South Indian king had Thenali Raman in his court to this purpose.

Humor in entertainments

Stage plays and cinemas give much importance to humor. Deep tragedy is indeed the best raw material for comedy and most of the world's foremost comedians have turned to humor as a profession merely to conceal their own sorrow. I need not mention here the famous comedian of our times Charlie Chaplin who has mentioned in his autobiography, "It is paradoxical that tragedy stimulates the spirit of ridicule; because ridicule, I suppose, is an attitude of defiance; we must laugh in the face of our helplessness against the forces of nature- or go insane."

Five important health benefits of laughter

1) A hearty laughter can open your arteries and boost your immune system. It fills our lungs with oxygen.

2) Human beings are easily susceptible to constant feelings like intense anxiety, fear, restlessness, anger and hatred which lead to tension and stress. Laughter relieves stress. It helps us to lighten our loads of life. The saying, 'Laugh and grow fat' is in a way true. Loma Linda University has discovered how it can relieve stress. It can teach you how to breathe like a baby.

During the fierce battle of World War II, when German bombers used to blacken London sky day after day, it was the Cockney sense of humor that kept hope burning bright in every breast. Ernest Hemingway has aptly said, "Man can be destroyed, but never vanquished."

3) Laughter can cause easy digestion. The movements of laughter make your digestive system function well.

4) By good flow of air, supply of oxygen into the lungs and reduction of stress, laughter can reduce hypertension and blood pressure. Further, it increases the immunity power of the body.

5) Siddharth Shah, a physician and a psychotherapist, has treated a number of patients with various cases and has cured them just with different exercises of laughter. He treats some with exercises of cell-phone laughter, some with lion laughter and some with lawn-mower laughter. His patients most of the times start from a giggling and end in gasping for air, shaking and coughing.

Promoters of laughter in the nineteenth century even sold a snort of nitrous oxide which made people giggle and guffaw uncontrollably in order to amuse themselves and others.

Laughter clubs

Laughter clubs are growing up everywhere all over the world, especially in crowded cities. This has become quite essential since congestion and modern life style are creating more and more tensions and problems. Some times they even function in a single room where a roomful people practice just mirthless laughter as a ceremony. This shows how even laughter has become an expensive commodity of modern life!



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