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The Hindu Wedding, A Ritual of Eternal Joy

December 06, 2011  by: Paulose  Points: 15   Category: Others    Views: 656

Rituals of wedding in every religion have deep meaning. The Hindu wedding rituals and preparations for it have a lot of significance.


With the Vedic mantra recitation of the priest or purohit, "Mangalyam tantunanena mama," a Hindu bridegroom ties the sacred mangal sutra (an auspicious thread) around the neck of a Hindu bride and enters into wedded life. Drums resonate in high pitch making the occasion auspicious. Relatives and friends bless them with rice grains.

India is an ancient country known for its rituals and rich cultural heritage. The Hindu weddings of all sects are long lasting and lavished ones. They need an elaborate preparation from both families of the bride and bridegroom.

Importance of months and days

In South India wedding is described as a process of thousand years. It is not a ritual of a few minutes. But the rituals and ceremonies take a long time. Each ceremony from the very first start of talking about the wedding proposal until the bride is settled in the bridegroom's place, auspicious times should be calculated with the help of astrologers and they should be fixed by the priest or purohit whose presence is very essential.

Months to start with the wedding proposals

First suitable partners on both sides should be searched for. Dating is not encouraged by the Hindus. It is the parents who search for the bride and bridegroom. When they think that the time has come for their son or daughter should be settled in wedded life, they begin to search.

Fixing the engagement and wedding dates

The horoscopes of the bride and groom supposedly forecast if there is any possibility that the stars of both are suitable to each other's life. If everything goes well with the guidance of the astrologer and prohit or priest, the suitable dates for the engagement and wedding are fixed. The wedding can take place days or months after the actual engagement, or ring exchange ceremony, that takes place in the presence of all important family members.

Auspicious dates and months

The Hindu calendars (Panjangam) have details of auspicious dates and months suitable for engagement and wedding. Generally it is January, February, second half of August, and November (Thai, Masi, Avani, and Karthigai in Tamil calendar or Magaram or Kumbam and Chingjam in Malayalam Calendar) months are selected for searching and begin the betrothal talks. On both sides the first thing to do before deciding is to get the astrological calculations of the boy and the girl. Second half of December and the first half of January (Marghazhi), and second half of July and December (Adi) are not auspicious for weddings.

Wedding preparations

As stated above, a Hindu wedding needs an elaborate preparation. The priest has to be fixed first. The place of wedding, place for dinner and other rituals, persons to be invited, etc. should be planned well in advance. A Hindu wedding is usually attended by a lot of friends and relatives. If there is any mishap, it causes a life-long misunderstanding.

Days of enjoyment

Seven days or more according to the convenience of the new couple enjoyment programs are fixed. Usually the bridegroom spends three days at his new bride's residence or goes to some places near her house. In olden days, they used to visit temples and seek God's blessings for their new wedded life. But today, there are a lot of places to make them happy during their honeymoon days.


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