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Beware: Pain Killers Turn Real Killers

December 06, 2011  by: Paulose  Points: 12   Category: Health  Earning $0.40   Views: 724

Modern stressful life is hooked with the habit of taking painkillers even at slightest symptom of pain. But unfortunately realities say that these painkillers turn real killers in due course.


Modern consumerist life is after immediate solutions. Everything is fast and instant. It is a common sight to see people rushing for over-the-counter medicines for all their ailments. Modern stressful life is addicted to painkillers. Even at a slight unconfirmed pain of headache a woman of today searches into her handbag and pulls out her"fix". Painkillers are easily available at over-the-counter.

Painkillers available easily

Nowadays painkillers are easily available everywhere. Even a slight symptom of pain can make modern people drive in a blind panic not to a physician but straight to the supermarket, where they can easily get a pain killer. Gulping down these tablets seems to them easier than undergoing all the ordeals of modern medication. As days go on, the number of tablets taken is increased. Nobody bothers about the consequences of addiction that may follow. In fact, most of these people become victims of this "silent addiction". Millions of such people have turned out as unregistered and unrecorded addicts throughout the world.

A bitter experience of a friend

It is better to describe the story of a friend who started to take a codeine-containing painkiller for her painful periods which developed after her second delivery, At first it was a great relief for her since she used to suffer terribly every month. But in course of time she had to increase the number of tablets and had to take them regularly. Gradually, she had to increase her intake, change to more powerful tablets and ended up in taking a handful of them daily. Her popping-tablets-habit forced her even to order painkillers "in bulk" through the Internet. This resulted in her end after serious complications.

Researchers reveal the dangers of taking painkillers

Many researchers state the dangers of taking painkillers without consulting a physician. Kirby Gregory, director of a rehabilitation clinic at Clouds, in Wiltshire, says, "These kind of painkillers are totally normalised in our society. They can provide a mantle of comfort in the first instance, but it can very quickly shift into psychological dependency."
Researchers have found out that taking painkillers such as paracetamol, Aspirin, codeine-contained tablets, etc. is very dangerous.

A recent research

Paul Rolan, researcher in clinical pharmacology at the University of Adelaide, after a research by his team has warned the world about the danger of taking painkillers. He says, "Paracetamol, one of the most popular painkillers, could cause fatal liver damage and even death if taken in large doses for uninterrupted periods."

In an analysis of a Scottish study, published in The Conversation, Rolan writes, "At recommended doses paracetamol is remarkably safe although it is known that even moderate excess can cause fatal hepato-toxicity or overdose death".

Painkillers induce suicide attempts

According to a report from the British Journal of Clinical Pharmacology taking painkillers on ones own accord induces the motivation for suicide attempt and majority of those people who attempted suicide had simply been seeking pain relief tablets.


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