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Little Roby Takes His Mom To School Carefully

December 07, 2011  by: Paulose  Points: 12   Category: Others    Views: 584

Little Roby is just three years old. It has been very difficult to manage him walk across the road. His mom was trying all tricks to control his running across the road. And at last she succeeded.


Roby is the sweet little child of Matt and Matilda. Matt has to go office early and Matilda has to manage the whole day with little Roby. Matilda has been very careful about his growth.

Today, Roby is three years old. He never rests in a place. If he is found in the kitchen now the next moment he will be in the garden playing in water with the hose pipe. It has been very hard to control his hyperactive nature. Anyhow Matilda succeeded in keeping him at home safe for three years.

The young couple took little Roby to school to admit him in the Kindergarten. The first day both Matt and Matilda had to remain at school worried about his instant mischiefs. The first week Matt took Roby on his vehicle to school. But that affected his office work and so Matilda had to take him to school.

The school is very near. Matilda can take him by walk. But the problem is the heavy traffic on the road which she has to cross twice. When she starts from home she will hold Roby's hand and walk slowly. But the little kid cannot bear walking so slowly. He used to shirk his mom's hand and run. He never cares about the speeding vehicles on the road.

Little fellow is much attracted by the new atmosphere at school. Every day his first morning request will be, "Shall we go to Kindergarten now itself, mom?" He finishes all the morning chores in a hurry and he is very particular about starting to school early. He just swallows his breakfast items, already holding his school bag in one hand.

As soon as he gulps down the last mouthful, he pulls his mom's hand shouting, "Come on mom, all the children would have reached the school and the bell would have rung by this time".

Whenever his mom's hold is loose, he used to run. "Don't run on the road, Roby." But who cares? She also will have run after him. Every moment Matilda expected accidents and she was much worried. Whatever advice she had given him could not get any good result. All her tricks to make him walk slowly became futile. She hit him on his back. But it made him only cry on the road.

One day it happened as usual. Roby wriggled from his mom's hand and began to run on the road making the sound of a speeding car. Matilda also ran after him shouting at him. She was hit by a small stone and fell down on the road. Blood was oozing from her leg thumb.

"Mom, what happened, mom?" Something serious has happened. Roby also stopped. He was shocked to see his bleeding mom.

"Roby honey, look at mom's leg. Will you take mom to your school?"

"Oh yes, mom"

Now Roby is holding his mom's hand and walks to school daily, saying, "Slowly mom; be careful or you will fall!"

This time Matilda has succeeded!

Now Little Roby takes his mom to school carefully!


Author: joeldgreat        
Posted Date: 12/08/2011    Points:3    

nice story for kids. simple yet full of lessons a child must learn. very nice strategy on how to raise a child. surely every parent can learn one or two tips from your article. sometimes, things that happened unexpectedly can turn into a life lesson for a child. this is truly a great share and loved reading it.

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