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Think of Human Community

December 07, 2011  by: Paulose  Points: 12   Category: Others    Views: 470

Man is a social being. He is never an island. He has to have concern about others. He is the part of a society.


Man is a social being. He is never an island. He has to have concern about others since he is the part of a society. But most of the times people behave as if they are alone on this earth unmindful of others. They have an attitude, "How does that concern me?" This is very dangerous not only to the social life but also to the individuals.

The story of the mouse trap

There was a mouse living in a farmer's house. One day it saw the farmer house was showing a new mouse trap to his wife. The farmer was telling that he had to catch the mouse. The mouse got agitated and ran here and there to get help from others.

First the mouse ran to the chicken in the farmyard and told about the trap. The chicken replied, "How does that concern me?" the mouse next went to the pig which was eating some roots and expressed its anxiety. But the pig was not at all moved and grunted in reply, "Oh that's it? I'm sorry. I'll surely pray for you" and continued eating. The mouse saw the grazing cow and rushed it with great anxiety. "A mouse trap? Wow, I wonder how that can affect me in any way," saying this, the cow turned to the other side.

The mouse sadly went back to its hole with a burdened heart worrying about facing the mouse trap alone. That night there was a loud noise. Sure it should be the mouse trap. The farmer's wife rushed to the trap in the dark to see if the mouse was caught. But actually it was a venomous snake whose tail had been caught in the trap. The woman was bit by the angry snake and was rushed to the hospital. In the hospital there was no doctor and she had to be brought back home.

She was having a very high fever. The farmer went to the farmyard and killed the chicken to prepare soup for his wife ailing from fever. Many of his relatives came to visit the ailing lady and so the farmer slaughtered the pig to feed them. But unfortunately his wife died after two days. On the day of the funeral the farmer had to kill the cow to feed the crowd that came to attend the funeral rituals.

One incident affects the other

This story tells us what affects one person must be a concern for all because all of us are interconnected. Every action of a single person, whether it is good or bad, affects the whole society. A fanatic action of terrorist who caused the 9/11 crime affected the whole world in so many ways.

Justice, honesty and love

Careless deeds of selfish people have caused global warming and have put the whole planet in danger. All the crimes against justice, honesty and love affect the whole humanity leading all towards destruction. This is applicable to family life and all kinds of community lives.

We never pay heed to injustice done to people around us. We just close our eyes conveniently. We never realize that giving and taking bribes, even in the guise of gifts, are against justice. We are never worried about the poor and the downtrodden.

The parable of Good Samaritan reminds us the concern for others. It should enable us to build up good relationships and a better social life.



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