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The National Poet of India

December 08, 2011  by: Paulose  Points: 12   Category: People    Views: 611

Tagore wrote "Jana Gana Mana," the national anthem of India. He won The esteemed Nobel Prize for Literature in1913. His 150th birth anniversary was celebrated last year.


The versatile Guru Rabindranath Tagore is known to many only as a poet; but he was also a playwright, novelist, philosopher, musician and an artist. His insatiable urge for creativity was depicted in each and every field he was involved. Last year the world celebrated the 150th birth anniversary year of "Gurudev," as Rabindranath Tagore is fondly called.

The National Poet

Rabindranath Tagore is hailed as the national poet of India. His thirst for freedom is expressed in his poem "Jana Gana Mana" that has been chosen as the national anthem of India. He dreamt for real freedom of mankind. He wrote in one of his poems,

'Where the mind is without fear

And the head is held high;

Where knowledge is free;

Where the world has not been

Broken up into narrow domestic walls.

Into that heaven of freedom, my Father, let my country awake.'

These immortal words were a freedom call to the Indian subcontinent which was in a pitiable state, torn into pieces by politics, caste, creed and language. They were a challenge to the soul of India. He wrote against the social evils that were corrupting the country. Independent India was his dream.

The Nobel Laureate

Tagore was a born poet. His poems in Bengali language inspired every one. His enlightening poems were translated into different languages. His famous work 'Gitanjali' won the prestigious Nobel Prize for Literature in the year 1913.Gitanjali expressed the emotional struggles of a broken heart which Tagore wrote after the death of his beloved wife and son. The Irish poet, Y.B.Yeats was very much attracted by Tagore's poems and he wrote the preface to the English work of Gitanjali.

He wrote poems, short stories, plays and novels. His touching novel 'Gora' criticizes prejudices, meaningless religious practices and racism. His writings are so many that it is difficult even to select and highlight some of his works.

Tagore was a versatile artist. He imprinted his talents not only as a poet but also as a novelist, playwright, philosopher, musician and an artist. In every field one could feel his throbbing soul of eternity. Creativity was personified in each and every one of his works. Nature came to life in his paintings. One can observe his maturity and enriched vision of deep truths expressed through his works. Such a prolific painter was Tagore, that he held nine exhibitions of his art works in major cities of Europe and America.

Rabindranath Tagore was like a beautiful lake, brimming with lotuses and colorful flowers. He is an immortal epic of this Indian subcontinent who dreamt the eternal freedom of every human being!



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