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Stay At Home Women Are More Depressed Than Working Women

December 08, 2011  by: Paulose  Points: 12   Category: Health    Views: 984

It may be shocking to know that stay at home women are more depressed than women going to offices or work. Studies also reveal that working women may also have better physical health, higher self-esteem, and increased emotional health.


Most of us think that stay at home moms are free from all tensions and depressions of life. But results of studies show that it is otherwise in reality. Studies reveal that women who choose to stay at home and focus on raising their kids are more likely to show symptoms of depression.

Results of researches about working moms and stay at home moms

In the Internet newspaper Huffpost Healthy living Leslie Bennetts writes that working moms with jobs or careers are less likely to struggle with depression than stay at home moms. She states that working moms enjoy better physical health, higher self-esteem, and increased emotional health compared to stay at home moms.

A recent study presented at the annual meeting of the American Sociological Association states that women who choose to stay at home and focus on raising their kids are more likely to show symptoms of depression than women who prefer to go for work. The study also shows that being employed in some job is good for a woman's mental and physical health.

Even working women are more depressed when they try to pose super moms

Further studies reveal that when working women try to pose themselves as supermoms and super workers, they too face more depression than others. They believe that they can perfectly blend a successful career and family life but are more likely to be frustrated and guilty making them have more symptoms of depression. Whereas other women who have more realistic expectations take things easy and are willing to let some things slide in the work and family fronts.

Quitting job to look after family is a feminine mistake

eslie Bennetts calls moms quitting job for their family is a "feminine mistake". She accuses that the media give lots of coverage to women who quit the labor force to become full-time mothers, confronting them with the job-versus-family issue. They make the issue so biased and incomplete but they hail the decision of quitting job as if it were simply a lifestyle choice. They never seem to bother about the risks of economic dependency in this competitive world or the myriad benefits of going for a job.

Attending jobs confer many benefits to moms

Going for jobs confers enormous benefits to women in addition to a paycheck. It makes them more confident and self-reliant. Working moms tend to be happier, less depressed and even healthier than stay-at-home moms.


Author: joeldgreat        
Posted Date: 12/08/2011    Points:5    

my wife is a working mom. never complain about it. one reason she never depressed is that we share all the household chores. we share raising our kids, even doing the grocery and shopping. it may look awkward for somebody seeing a man doing the grocery, even buying "sanitary napkins" for his wife. but for me, its all part of the bigger job of being a family man. working and at the same time raising a family for both of us is a very demanding job, but as long as we do it together, then it makes us successes in both "jobs". i really dont mind if a wife stays at home or having a job, the only thing that matters me is how you balance life at work and at home.

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