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Five Ways to Handle Stress in Everyday Life

December 08, 2011  by: S. Chowdhury  Points: 12   Category: Health  Earning $0.60   Views: 1082

People feel very much stressed out in today's world in dealing with the challenges of life that lead to a lot of physical and mental problems. Here are five great methods of handling stress in everyday life.


Stress is the way a human being reacts to the challenges life poses. It varies from person to person. In similar situations different individuals react differently. So there is no unilateral yardstick of stress. As stress creates a bundle of energy therefore it needs to be channelised properly to keep it up to a certain manageable level. If it is not done so then one will experience mental and physical ramifications because of that excess amount of stress and it applies for everybody whether young or old.

There are many facets to stress but what is most worrying is the stress generated from actions like hypertension, anxiety, fear, excessive workload, anger, depression, etc. In the present age the challenges around us are such that those constantly fuel the fire of stress within. Be it work life or personal life all people are facing too much stress nowadays. Since only few of those are able to channelise those into other activities or actions therefore it builds up within and continues to harm oneself physically, mentally or both.

Feeling totally Stressed-out

At the point the body can't take any more stress it gives way to something untoward. It can lead to mental breakdown or a heart attack or something else that is generally very harmful by nature. Therefore it is imperative for everybody to find ways to handle stress in their own way. Here are five methods of dealing with stress in everyday life:

(1) Talk out your worries

When you are worried about something then find a person to whom you can confide your worries. Keeping it all bottled up will only increase its intensity and continue to trouble you. Also by talking out you can get valuable suggestions at times of dealing with the problems.

(2) Have a breather

If you feel too much stressed out then give yourself a breather by engaging in activities that you enjoy. It could be watching a film, reading a book, watching a sport, or something else. You also can think of going for a vacation, it really helps. Put aside your worries for a while, unwind and then come back later to deal with the problems.

(3) Try to do one thing at a time

Many people try to do too many things at a time and when they mess up with most of the important things they are left frustrated and disappointed which leads to stress. So try to concentrate on one thing at a time. Once you have completed it feel happy about your accomplishment however trivial it may be. It will give you the boost to take on the next task and so you won't feel any stress.

(4) Try not to satisfy everybody

It is not possible to satisfy everybody in this world and making even an effort for it is totally futile. But that is what many people do. Try to please the boss, the colleagues, the family members, relatives, friends and when somebody becomes critical even after so much effort one feels totally let down and deeply stressed. Therefore only do that much you can and don't expect good words from everybody in return. Accept criticism just like the praises. Remember at the end of the day you are only answerable to your conscience and a few unsavoury remarks will not make it bad if you know within you've done enough.

(5) Do good to other people

Most people feel stressed out as they worry only about themselves all the time. So try to take the focus away from yourself and invest it on doing something good for someone. You can start even with a small gesture that goes a long way in healing even your wounded soul! If you can make it a habit then all of a sudden you would be surprised to find that your worries are not haunting you constantly as it used to do earlier.

Though there are several other methods of handling stress but I believe the above methods can make a real difference to a person's life and stress levels if one follows those firmly.

Author: Dr. Simran Kaur        
Posted Date: 12/10/2011    Points:2    

Right said S. Chowdhury, one should reward oneself for achieving his goal and getting work accomplished at time. Right said sometimes in making others satisfied, we forget oneself and our desires.

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