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General Lewis A Pick, Architect of the LEDO Road in World War II

December 09, 2011  by: Madan G Singh  Points: 12   Category: Others    Views: 427

The Ledo Road was made from Ledo in Assam to China to give the allies a overland supply root to China.


The Ledo road was a road from Ledo In Assam through the mountains and jungles of Burma to the China Road. During World War II the China road from Burma was closed, hence the Americans decided that a second road from Assam was required to ferry supplies to China. The task for constructing the road was given to the engineering regiments of the US army an dthe engineer put in charge was General Lewis A Pick. He headed the engineering regiments that built the Ledo Road.

Lewis Pick was born in 1890 an dcompleted his studies as an engineer. In the thirties he was part of the Missouri river project and in 1935-36 was part of the task force that handled the Missouri river floods. With the outbreak of war he was sent to Assam to oversee the construction projects there. With the Burma occupied general Pick made plans for the construction of the Ledo Road.

General Pick was instrumental in the construction of the road, which took nearly 3 years and the road was ready by Feb,1945. General Pick showed his determination in getting the road pass through some of the toughest mountains and thickest jungles in Burma. On completion of the project general Pick returned home to the United States.

Back home he again joined the Missouri project wher he was working earlier and in 1949 was designated Engineer in Chief by President Truman of the USA. It was a fitting recognition of a man who had spent his entire life handling difficult projects. His ledo road project will remain an enduring tribute to his genius. The road now is still used, though parts of it are claimed back by the jungle. General Pick expired in 1956 in Washington.


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