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Is it Still Advisable to get Married Today?

December 11, 2011  by: snowdoll487  Points: 12   Category: Others  Earning $0.30   Views: 542

Marriage is something you need to devote your time and attention in order to work; you need to sacrifice some things you used to enjoy so much when you were still single now that you are married.


A lot of couples who are currently dating may consider settling down someday. However, is it still advisable to get married in our day? What is the difference between marriage and dating in our time? Honestly speaking, marriage is anything but a title. Those couples who are married and those who are dating don't have much difference in status. Before, people get married because of love and because it was morally wrong to have sex with someone you are not married to and for the strict conservative individuals, marriage was a sacred sacrament. Nowadays, it is nothing but a contract and empty promises. People views promises as something to be broken, thus vows such as sticking to ones partner through thick and thin, till death tear them apart is something people view as trivial today. Due to people's decrease in belief of the sacredness of marriage some find it ethical to have affairs outside the boundaries of marriage, after all it is just sex.

In our time, couples consent to having sex outside of marriage, thus, for this couple what does marriage signifies for them? Is it a sign of true love? Who are the eager ones to get married? Usually it is the girls, for those who are not career oriented, starting a happy married life with the one they love is a life-long goal, but the boys? They don't rush on things such as marriage proposals as they can enjoy themselves with having sex outside the boundary of marriage, so why get married? And at present, most guys' are only concerned of these things. If a girlfriend won't consent to these things in their relationship, there is a 99% chance he will leave her, but if he truly loves her he would respect her. On the other hand, other girls are just deluded by fantasies of happy ever after they hear in fairy tales. It is quite rare these days to find couples with smooth sailing marriage.
Marriage is a struggle; it is not just about the wedding and the preparation for the wedding but a life-long journey with someone you picture to be your companion your whole life.

Marriage is something you need to devote your time and attention in order to work; you need to sacrifice some things you used to enjoy so much when you were still single now that you are married. It is not just about what YOU WANT, what YOU NEED, but what BOTH OF YOU NEED. You need to consider things together, talk things out together, settle affairs out together and not as individuals.

You can't reason out that just because your partner (husband/wife) won't be able to understand your views doesn't mean you won't be able to draft solutions that will be agreeable to both of you. If in your first try things don't work then try again, and DON'T GIVE UP. Things when settled diplomatically and amicable may end well. Don't push your opinion on each other; try to understand each others point of view, understand that both of you came from different family environment. A married life isn't all about YOU anymore, but instead it is about the BOTH of YOU. Before getting married, think twice and a couple times over just to be sure it is for you. Some are just not meant to be good parents, or even good partners. So, weight things in before making a proposal.


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