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Health Status of Married Men and Women

December 11, 2011  by: snowdoll487  Points: 12   Category: Others  Earning $0.30   Views: 1136

Women, as one study concluded are at their best health condition both physically and mentally when they're bachelorettes, or single.


Some girls find it unacceptable to reach the age of 30s without a steady relationship, and plans of marriage and starting a family soon after kicking off the last marriageable age. Some girls find it lonesome to get pass the age of 30 and start to worry of their future. Guys on the other hand do not worry over these things. They can get married at whatever age they please and not worry at all. Some of these guys enjoy the title and benefits of being a bachelor once they reach the age of 30 and with a decent job and steady income. They become desirable for women but women who gets pass the age of 30s even if they're successful, becomes laughing stocks of ridicule for the younger ladies.

And so, these women who feel the threat and fret oftentimes settle for someone less than they deserve by jumping unto the first proposal they receive, whether or not the guy is a good candidate for marriage and starting a family. This is catastrophic.

Women, as one study concluded are at their best health condition both physically and mentally when they're bachelorettes, or single. First and foremost, they only have themselves to worry. Their responsibility is to manage their time and attention to things concerning themselves and their work, but once they're married stress comes in. What stress? Of course if you're newlyweds it doesn't matter where you live, even if you're just renting an apartment or living in a trailer van. However once you start having kids; this is where the real meaning of marriage and family comes in. You need to adjust your schedule to accommodate new members of the family. As a mother you start to worry of the bills piling up, you start to find ways to cope with the problems; you may start working extra shifts and have to pay someone to watch over your kids. You balance your responsibilities to your husband, kids and work. With this stress starts piling until you're fully pre-occupied of stressful situations in your life.

For men who get married, this is a time they are most healthy or in best condition. They have found themselves a companion, a wife, and a maid all in one. Men are concerned of providing for the family, as long as they are able to provide materially, financially they are responsibility free. Or so they say. Honestly speaking, providing is just one part or one of the many functions and responsibilities of being a family man. He has responsibilities to his household, not just by providing for their daily needs but for the child's characteristic development and discipline. He also has a duty to his wife, a husbandly duty he promised to perform when they're married, love and take care of her through thick and thin. He also needs to provide for the needs of his wife, romantically. His being her partner and companion doesn't end on the day they were wed, most husbands forget to continuously court and pamper their wife after their wedding and after having kids. They don't go out to watch movies anymore, spend time together in parks and enjoy hobbies together. It is as if the couple starts to drift away from each other after they got married.

Marriage should enable couples to stay closer and love each other more than they originally did in the beginning of their relationship, when they were still dating.


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