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Is Being Single Being Lonely and Unhappy?

December 11, 2011  by: snowdoll487  Points: 12   Category: Others  Earning $0.20   Views: 694

Being single doesn't automatically mean being unhappy and being in a relationship doesn't also mean being always happy.


It is understandable that some single men and women feel empty from time to time. As if no one cares about them and they're all alone. This is why a number of newly heartbroken men and women jumps from one relationship after another every after their failed relationships. They can't stand a day without someone making them feel loved and cared for and want to stop the feeling of being a failure in every relationship. Some find it lonesome to suddenly stop receiving sweet nothings on their mobile phone from someone special, especially when you see your friends being happy and content with their relationship. It can be a stressing situation, only if you let your head dwell on such thought all throughout the day.

Being single doesn't automatically mean being unhappy and being in a relationship doesn't also mean being always happy. There are some people who are more stressed when they're in a relationship and there are a number of young men and women who are happy and content by being single. It is a matter of how you view your situation. If you keep on thinking that you're unloved and uncared for because you end up being single often then that is a negative way of looking at things. Every after your failed relationship you should evaluate yourself. What has my recent relationship made me? Did it make you into a better partner or brought you bad experiences? If you think that it has made you into a unlikable person, then find ways to change into a more positive likable person. Do not dwell on your relationships' failure. Everybody else experience failed relationship too, it happens to a lot of people.

Use the time you are single to make yourself better. Get yourself a make-over, to further enhance and beautify your appearance. Get yourself a new hobby and learn something new and exciting. Explore and experience things you won't normally experience when you're in a relationship, pamper yourself more, love yourself more, and respect yourself more. Get to know yourself better, learn of positive helpful ways you can do and what you're capable of doing. The more positive you are feeling about yourself the more attractive you appear to other people. By this way, you may be able to attract the person who will be the right person for you.

If you're single right now, look at the brighter side of being single. Even if you're single you're not wholly alone and lonely. You have friends who care and love you as well as a family who cares and love you unconditionally.


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