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Five ways of Controlling Your Positive Thoughts

December 11, 2011  by: S. Chowdhury  Points: 12   Category: Others  Earning $0.80   Views: 907

Negative thoughts and negative approach pull many people down so here are five great ways to generate positive thoughts within your mind.


The mind of a human being has great powers if it is utilized properly. It can envisage and create wonderful things or can wreck havoc in a person's life. Even though it appears that mind and its thoughts cannot be controlled but like any other part of the human body mental exercises can create positive thoughts in a person and weed out the negative ones.

Generally many people imagine failure and the negative expectations surrounding it and end up as a failure but had they invested the thought process and the energy involved with it to imagine success rather the chances are that they would have made much better progress in life.

Therefore we need to train our mind to generate positive thoughts and let those positive vibes rub into our actions as a result and produce something positive out of it. Here are five ways of going about it:

A positive thinking person

(1) Positive Image Visualization

Visualizing positive images about one's persona or how one would like oneself to be successful in life is very important. Imagine yourself as a confident positive and successful person in your thoughts in a relaxed state of mind and let those images be instilled in your mind. Focus on those images and positive state and make it a daily routine in your leisure time till your inner-self starts really believing in those images. The clarity of the visualization is also very important. It should not be like daydreaming. Imagine reasonable and clear outcomes as goal of your life and let your mind be soaked in it.

After practicing in this way for quite sometime you will find that the negative thoughts of failure that occupied your mind earlier won't trouble you anymore. But you need to continue doing it and make it a habit so that the negative thoughts don't get a chance to seep in again.

(2) Benefits of Meditation

Meditation is very important for the relaxation of the mind and body. It helps to free the body and mind from stress and relax the muscles as well. Even though there are many ways of meditation but the commonly used yogic posture of meditation is the best. Spare a few minutes everyday to meditate. It is better to do it during nighttime or early in the morning when there is less sound disturbance.

Sit with both legs folded, hands on your knees and upright spinal column. Close your eyes and do deep breathing. You can take the help of a yoga instructor for better instructions or follow some video tutorials available on Television or Internet. If you follow it like a ritual you will see the benefits for yourself. Your positive thought flow will only increase because of meditation.

The general posture of meditation

(3) Repeating Affirmative Statements Exercise

Making affirmative statements and repeating those for yourself will increase your positive thoughts manifold. You can write it on a diary and repeat those in your mind everyday. This is a way of training your mind into believing in something that it hasn't learned to believe till that time but on continuing repetition it slowly starts to believe in those statements and eventually manifest those in reality. The results may not show up in the early stages but you need to persevere to get positive results. Following are some the statements that you could use for the mental exercise:

I am a positive and confident person.
I feel more powerful.
I am able to express myself with greater clarity.
I communicate more clearly and efficiently.
I manage to control altercations with great ease.
I express my zeal and delight more freely and fully.
I am becoming stronger and braver.
I am pleased with who I am.
I am taking charge of my life.
I can create love, success and happiness for myself.

(4) Music the great healer of mind

Listening to music has great benefits of soothing the mind and soul. Music is regarded as one of the best healers of the mind and used even as a therapeutic tool by many doctors. Music reduces stress level and helps to ease the tensed nerves occurring from anxiety, tension, depression, etc. and also keep the heart rate and blood pressure down.

Before going to bed every night listen to a bit of soft melodious music, nothing loud. It will not only relax your mind and let the positive thoughts flow but will also help you to sleep better. This has been tested by experts all around the world with great success.

Listening Music

(5) Creating a road map of life's goal

Just like a road map leading to a desired destination you should visualize in your mind the roads that lead to the destination of your goal in life. It is a way of telling your subconscious mind the measures that need to be taken to achieve the desired goal and readying it for that arduous journey.

Imagining that thought will make you more assured of yourself within. You can create a picture for yourself to visualize better. It will build up the confidence in you further in taking the challenges of life head on with a positive approach and thought process.

Many more mental exercises and methods can generate positive thoughts in the mind of an individual but these five ways are assured to work even in the cases of many negative persons also. So think positive, stay positive and be happy!


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