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Get back your ex boyfriend

December 12, 2011  by: mehere  Points: 25   Category: Others    Views: 1048

It is the most difficult phase of life when you have a breakup.This quick guide is intended to help all those girls out there who are still emotionally attached with their ex and want him back!


Hey girl out there ! You must have landed here because you probably broke up with your boy and wondering how to get back your ex boyfriend...Breaking up with your guy is the most difficult part of being in a relationship.Even worse happens when he breaks up with you and you still have a soft corner for him in your heart.
So,here are some quick tips that would help you get back your ex boyfriend:

1) Ask yourself :
Just ask two easy questions,do you really harbor good feelings for him or you are probably sick and bored of being single? Don't move on if your honest answer is not positive to this question.Other question is,Did you share a healthy relationship with him? It is very easy to recall all good and fun stuff and crazy moments that you both shared with each other than to bring mind to bad phase of the relationship.Make a clear and honest assessment of your past relationship.Was he too unmotivated ? Did you two fight very seriously over childish things ? It is very important to evaluate yourself to avoid falling back into negative situation again.

2) Why did it happen ? :
Find the cause of your break up.Was it because of your ignorant attitude towards him and his friends ? Or it was because of your too lax behaviour and taking relationship for granted ? Determining the cause of break up would guide you about Dos and Don'ts that are needed to be followed next time.

3) Minimize the contact :
Start off super casually to take the temperature of things between you both.If you share a common friends' circle,then don't be the first one to talk.If he starts the conversation,keep them short and observe his responsiveness.Short and curt reply from boys is not a good sign usually but if he is effusive,then it is like a green signal to take things further with him.

4) Don't be desperate :
However heartbroken you are,being miserable and needy won't help you.Guys like strong and confident girls.So,Don't act needy.Don't call or message him.This usually make boys a bit insecure and thus they miss you more.Calling him a lot and messaging frequently would tell him that you are desperate to in him back.Make him crazy with things that he found attractive in you.It may be the way you smile or walk or talk and do funny things.

5) Quickly get over with the break up :
Find other things to focus on.Get out and hang out with friends,keep yourself busy.This is not much of "Get back your ex boyfriend" tactic but it would help you to hide how devastated or frustrated you are.This would make things earn some self confidence and tell your boyfriend that you have "moved on" with your life.This particular method works like red rag on a bull for most of boys.

6) Find his current status :
You can browse his facebook profile for his relationship status.Look for pictures of girl that come in frequent poses with him.Or you can subtly feel him out by just asking about old friends you had and then segue into a clever conversation about his ongoing personal life.This would hopefully bring up his love sitch.

7) Meet up if he asks :
You should not be the first person to put yourself on that romantic line again.Just meet up at your old haunts with your friends.Being in that familiar and much enjoyed environment will definitely trigger memories of the past.During your rendezvous,casually reminisce about romantic,funny,or exciting time you spent together - it may be a fantastic trip you took or how you first met each other.

8) Be yourself:
There is a reason that he was attracted to you.It may be your behaviour,humorous attitude,emotions or any other aspect.You might have changed a lot and that may be the reason he ditched you.Just bring out the original girl in yourself..the girl he loved and cared for.

Author: Inderpreet Kaur        
Posted Date: 12/20/2011    Points:2    

i wrote a similar article some time back

Yours is also interesting, but your language is too quick and direct. I would suggest that you try to make you content flow a bit more soothing.

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