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Our Third Eye

December 12, 2011  by: Paulose  Points: 12   Category: Others    Views: 807

Our insight is the third eye provided by God. We can definitely know a lot of things through our insight.


Last Saturday I was late from my office. I tiptoed across the dimly lit room, trying not to wake my husband who had already gone to bed after a long twenty eight hour shift at work. Opening the bathroom door, I squeezed myself in, being sure not to flip the switch until door was safely closed without any disturbance. Click. The door latched shut. But where is the switch for the light? I was searching for the switch with some mechanical memory but hit somewhere.

Where is that switch?

Now only I realized that I have handled it hundreds of times even without my knowledge. But what happened now? I am unable to reach the switch. My eyes were completely blind.

I paused for a moment. Something flashed in my mind.

When I was studying in the high school, our science teacher had taught us what amazing organs our eyes were. Nature has designed them with pupils in such a way that they can dilate to gather all the ambient light even in the darkest setting.

I was still groping in the pitch black hell of darkness. I should wonder what good were those amazing eyes. Nothing I could figure out, though I squinted and strained against the inky blackness. There was no sight of anything in front of me. Only black darkness!

Suddenly, involuntarily, I did something what nature should have suggested in me. I closed my eyes. This seemed calming me. Now what I saw was only blackness. Utter darkness that could not be penetrated through my closed eyelids.

Something strange happened in me. My eyes were satisfied to be incompetent. And, gingerly at first, and then with confidence, my fingers could slowly trace the familiar wall. The outline of the mirror flashed in my mind as a guiding presence. There it was. My search was rewarded at last by the raised switch. Comfortably, almost reluctantly, I pushed it upward and, thank God, the light was on.

Light flooded the room. I squeezed my eyes shut against the insulting light. Pain turned my head away from the sudden intruder. Covering my eyes with my hand to soften the bright rays, I cautiously tested them. Slowly, my amazing pupils constricted to allow light to enter and make its way. I could see everything now. I could complete my chores.

But I wondered, as I was finishing my chores, about the moment of darkness. How odd, when our eyes fail, that we should choose to shut down our visual sense of sight and instead rely on inner sight! It seemed almost that the darkness was blinding my whole self. It was confusing, disorienting and even disheartening.

As long as I depended on my own eyes, the eyes of sensation, I remained blind. But, closing them, I automatically trusted on my inner sense. This one, honed over time, was quite clear and was not confused in the dark. It was peaceful, capable, calm and serene. It seemed to me as if it was just waiting for me to call on it.

Our insight

In any dark situation our insight can guide us if we open it confidently. It is our third eye. It enlightens us if we practice it. As Chesterton has said, "One sees great things from the valley, only small things from the peak," we can see greater things through our insight.

"It is always better to light a candle than curse the darkness"


Author: joeldgreat        
Posted Date: 12/14/2011    Points:3    

Also called the Inner Eye, the term third eye is common with certain spiritual traditions. It is often associated with visions, ability to observe auras, precognition on out-of-body experiences.

Each religion has its own perception of the term "inner eye". In Hinduism and Buddhism, it is a symbol of enlightenment or wisdom. While in Indian tradition, it is simply a symbol of "knowledge".

Just hope I've researched it correctly.

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