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Ten Essential Rules of Manu Dharma

December 12, 2011  by: Paulose  Points: 15   Category: Others    Views: 1406

Manu who wrote Manusmriti, the rules of Hinduism, prescribes 10 essential rules for the observance of Dharma.


Hinduism is the religion that suggests methods for the attainment of union with the Supreme Soul and Freedom from Rebirth. It is a vast one even larger than the largest ocean. Manu who wrote Manusmriti, the rules of Hinduism, prescribes 10 essential rules for the observance of Dharma.

The ten rules of Manu Dharma are:

1) Patience (Dhriti)

It is the most essential rule of Dharma. It is the foundation of any belief. Unless you have patience you cannot achieve anything anywhere.

2) Forgiveness (Kshama)

Forgiveness comes from patience and paves way for amicable life. One has to forgive oneself as well as others to overcome the conflicts of the 'ego' and among others. Where there is forgiveness there is no room for frictions and quarrels.

3) Piety or self control (Dama)

When there is control of senses, dependence on the Supreme Being becomes a necessity. This leads to a pious life.

4) Honesty (Asteya)

Honesty strengthens every life. It assures peace and prosperity. Truth is guided and guarded by honesty.

5) Holiness (Shauch)

Holiness is born from the control of senses. It is the perfection of life.

6) Control of senses (Indraiya-nigrah)

Self control is the basis of perfect personality. It is through the desire of senses that all evils are born. Desire is the root cause of every evil. This is what Lord Buddha also has stated in his Dhammam.

7) Reasoning (Dhi)

Man in a rational animal. That makes him the supreme creation. It is his reasoning that guides him through all his paths. It is the reasoning that makes him adapt the rules of Dharma.

8) Learning or knowledge (Vidya)

Learning more and more enlightens the reasoning power taking one nearer to the Supreme Brahman.

9) Truthfulness (Satya)

Truthfulness is the character of the Supreme Being. Reasoning and knowledge are interconnected and they provide the path to be truthful in ones life.

10) Absence of anger (Krodha)

Anger destroys everything. Even sages who attained power through their dedicated 'Thabasya' were victimized by the fire of anger. Anger destroys all goodness that you achieve through your good deeds.


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