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Ten Commandments of Good Conversation

December 13, 2011  by: Paulose  Points: 15   Category: Others    Views: 766

Conversation is the bridge of relationship. It is the unique gift given to humanity. It is not a mere academic exercise but a personal relationship.


Conversation is the special gift of humanity. It is the bridge of every relationship. But it has to be trained and utilized properly to yield best results. Just follow these Ten Commandments which can make your conversation satisfying and rewarding.

Ten commandments of good conversation

1) Be natural
Quite often we hear people trying to talk like somebody else. But conversation is essentially the expression of our personality. If we try honestly we can acquire the habit of talking amicably. We should by all means avoid artificiality and insincerity regarding our conversation. Sincerity is the soul of healthy conversation.

2) Let your talk be cheerful
Though there are occasions when we need to be serious, solemnity and sympathy are called for in our talks. Successful conservationist is the one who can radiate happiness and goodwill. If people seem to get away when we start conversation, probably they realize that we are about to launch a tale of sorrow.

3) Do not bore with your talk
Our talk must be interesting. We must be aware of the reactions of the people. We should never try to channel deliberately every conversation to our favorite subject. This is the quickest way to get a good reputation and avoid boring.

4) Avoid gossip
Gossip is the killer of relationships. It is a kind of verbal cannibalism. People eat up the reputation of their friends and neighbors easily with careless gossips. Be careful to check every report you hear about others. Ask yourself: Is it true? If it is true, will my repeating it do any good? Is it necessary for me to repeat it? There will not be many comments worth repeating. Hence do not gossip if you want to be an effective and appreciated conservationist.

5) Do not argue
Conversation is a reaction. It is not a battle. Arguments may not achieve anything except convincing each participant that he was right and the other wrong. Arguments exhaust all concerned. But a good discussion can be really a refreshing experience.

6) Listen to others
A good conservationist is always a good listener. Too often people think that a good conversation is doing all the talking. Conversation is like a ball game. The ball has to be given and taken to make it more active. Being a good listener contributes as much to a conversation as talking does. Listening sympathetically helps those who are talking to us. We should try to learn from others.

7) Talk about others than boasting about yourself
One of the most interesting ways to establish good conversation is to find out what other people are interested in and talk about that. People are usually flattered when you enquire about their interests and activities.

8) Avoid sarcasm
Sarcasm hurts others. It puts out the real spirit of talking. If you think sarcasm is a form of humor, just remember that it can spoil and put out the sparkling stream of any conversation.

9) Remember what you are talking about
Conversation should not be a mere blabbering. Nothing is more damaging to the reputation than the comment wounding others. Equip yourselves for good conversation by the breath of your interest and sympathies.

10) Establish real interest in others
Conversation is a personal relationship. It develops your personality. It is an art which has to be developed. Respect others and be tolerant to them through which you can understand them more.



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