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Chew Gum to Freshen Breath and Refresh Brain

December 13, 2011  by: Paulose  Points: 12   Category: Health  Earning $0.40   Views: 798

Chewing gum can boost your brain memory, taste your tongue and save your gums. Surveys say that the period between Halloween and Christmas is the most chewing holiday season of the year.


More and more people go chewing these days. New researches and surveys bring more people closer to chewing gum. Recent surveys point out that most chewing gum is purchased between Halloween and Christmas. The benefits of chewing gum are really unimaginable. It is quite fitting to say "Eat, Drink and Chew" for a happy life.

Chewing gum habit

Although history says that chewing habit in some form has existed since more than 5,000 years, recent decades have seen more people go for chewing gums. Evidences say that the ancient Aztecs used chicle as a base for making some kind of chewing gum. The Greeks and Romans of ancient world were using chewing gum. Walter Diemer invented the pink colored bubble gum in 1928 as a type of chewing gum that is designed for blowing bubbles. In the modern commercial world, chewing gums have come in a variety of shapes and flavors for various purposes. Though chewing gum is used today mainly as a mouth freshener, there are some more benefits of chewing gum which most of us may not be aware.

Benefits of chewing gum

1) A good protector of teeth
Researches under Wrigley's leadership for more than two decades in oral care have found out that chewing gum habit is good for oral care. The practice of chewing is not only good for oral health, but it also protects teeth. Nowadays, many dentists recommend chewing sugar free gum for oral and dental care.

2) Very good for removing bad odor of mouth
The habit of chewing gum removes the bad breath considerably. The flavor of chewing gums are very pleasant to the chewing person as well as to those who are around. The ingredients in them induce flow of enzymes to protect oral health.

3) Boosts memory
Researches have revealed that chewing gum can help in improving memory and enhance cognitive powers. They found that people who chewing gum throughout experimental tests produced significantly better scores than people who did not chew. Chewing is connected with many potential explanations for its effect on memory and body. One of them is that the continuous act of chewing moves the jaws and activating the memory area and helps improving memory. Another explanation says that chewing gum increases the glucose level which is a fuel for the activities of both body and mind.

4) Improves blood flow
Chewing gum increases blood flow to the brain area and improves blood flow. Chewing gum increases blood flow to the brain. Increased flow of blood improves heart rate, supplies more oxygen to the brain through which the cognitive powers are enhanced.

5) Relieves you from the strain of stress
Scientists and psychologists encourage students and others to chew gum to increase alertness and concentration. It is believed that chewing gum reduces tension and helps to release nervous energy. The rhythmic motion of chewing relaxes the nerves and reduces the feelings of frustration and depression.

6) Chewing gum leads to weight management
Chewing gum serves as a low calorie snack and helps your weight management. This habit checks the craving for eating snacks. Scientists say that chewing gum habit can also burn about 11 calories per hour.

7) It also stops your cry
Many people shed tears while they peel onions. Chewing gum while peeling onions will stop you from crying. Chewing gum inhibits much of the gas released from onion while cutting it.

The list of the benefits of chewing gum is still extending. The habit of chewing gum can be very good for body, mind and soul.


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