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Five common solutions to the problem of Insomnia

December 13, 2011  by: S. Chowdhury  Points: 12   Category: Health  Earning $1.00   Views: 974

Many people around the world suffer from Insomnia or sleeplessness. Here are five common solutions that can cure the problem and let you sleep much better without any sort of medication.


Sleeplessness or Insomnia is one of the most common symptoms that many people face around the world. Though most people face problems in sleeping at some point of time but in case of Insomniacs or people afflicted with Insomnia it is a daily recurring problem. Hence their work life and personal life as well suffer because of it and many times it gives way to other mental and physical problems. Therefore it is very important for every individual suffering from Insomnia to deal with the problem.

Though there is a general pattern of sleep in terms of how a person young or adult should sleep but the duration of requirement of sleep varies in different individuals and hence Insomnia can't be defined by the amount of duration of sleep deprivation. It is the general lacking of sustaining the quality of sleep that makes a person feeling sleep deprived and tired easily during daytime. Even though Insomnia is a widespread phenomenon but scientific research estimates also show that many people think they are Insomniac while they are not. Still a large number of people suffer from Insomnia, it is a fact that cannot be ignored.

Insomnia can be very troublesome

There are many reasons of Insomnia but the most common reasons are anxiety, tension, depression, grief, worry or other psychological problems. Stress in today's life is too much prevalent and it leads many times to Insomnia. Also unhealthy lifestyle can lead to Insomnia. Several other reasons are there for being afflicted by Insomnia and it can get complex at times but the above mentioned ones are the most common ones.

Many people don't seek medical guidance and try to deal the situation on their own. Then when things get out of hand and they feel really sick and can't take it anymore, they seek medical guidance. In many cases it has been seen just following some common guidelines can cure the problem and one doesn't need to follow a strict medical guideline or take any sort of medication. So here are five most common but very effective solutions to Insomnia:

(1) Make a regular sleeping time

Going to bed at odd hours can result in Insomnia. So it is very important to fix a regular and usual bedtime everyday. The human body is generally programmed for usual sleep times and irregular times hamper its usual process. Hence it is very important to fix a regular time for sleeping. I know that it is very difficult to maintain for people who work in different shifts at different times of the month but for others it must be strictly followed to stay away from Insomnia.

(2) Do Meditation

Meditation is the method widely used globally as a cure for Insomnia, particularly for those people who feel a lot of stress throughout the day for various reasons and hence mess up their sleep. It eases your mind, calms the nerves, regulates the heart rate and blood pressure and lets you feeling much less stress. So practice meditation everyday strictly for at least sometime to get more relaxed quality sleep. You can contact a yoga instructor for better instructions or follow the general guidelines that can be found on various Television programs or the Internet.

Meditation is very useful in countering Insomnia

(3) Avoid using or use less caffeine

Caffeine is a stimulant that can cause or worsen Insomnia. It is generally found in food and drinks like tea, coffee, chocolate, cocoa and cola. Also several drugs and medicines contain caffeine. So if you are unsure about any drug containing caffeine then please check with your doctor or chemist. As far as the food and drinks are concerned, don't use them prior to sleep and if possible then restrict their usage. Caffeine is also known to affect kidney functions directly so you would be benefited that way as well. If you really need those then use it much earlier than the time of going to sleep.

(4) Don't use sleeping pills

Many Insomniacs take the help of sleeping pills and it work for sometime but after regular usage of a few weeks it loses its effectiveness. The phenomenon is termed as 'tolerance'. Only using it sparingly and on proper medical advice can make it effective but depending on it totally never cures Insomnia. Also stopping it suddenly after a long usage can cause troubling withdrawal syndromes like nausea or nervousness. Hence it is best not to use it at all unless it is absolutely necessary and rather rely on other effective methods of sleeping assistance.

(5) Watch less Television and Internet

Many people watch Television excessively throughout the day or late at night prior to going to sleep and then can't get to sleep. This is because once the mind is engaged in those programs it can't get relaxed that easily. So to get quality sleep would be beneficial if you could switch off your Television set at least an hour prior to sleep and go to bed in a relaxed state of mind. Same thing applies for the computer and specifically the Internet. People need to change such habits to not let their sleep hampered.

Though many other methods of countering Insomnia are there but the above mentioned methods are among the most common ones and known to be very beneficial. But still after following the above methods if your problem is not solved and if you are suffering from acute Insomnia then I think you must get a good medical advice. It will certainly solve your problem, as Insomnia is very much curable.


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