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Introduction to Water Polo

December 14, 2011  by: joeldgreat  Points: 20   Category: Others    Views: 767

The game is much like the handball game but the only difference is that it is done on water.


Just like any other team sport, water polo is an excellent sport for team building. The game is much like the handball game but the only difference is that it is done on water. Each team consists of six players on the field and one goalkeeper. The team that scores more goals is declared as the winner. Swimming, passing the ball to team mates while being defended by others, swimming and scoring by throwing the ball into the net which is defended by a goalie is some of the exciting parts of the game.

Game Overview

The number of players allowed in the playing area is seven players (six field players and a goalkeeper). Blue caps were usually worn by the home team while white caps are worn by the visiting team (though any other contrasting colors are now allowed). Both the teams goalkeeper wear the red caps, which is numbered as "1".
While the ball is in their possession, both teams may substitute players. Players may enter and exit in the corner of the pool (or in front of their goal) during the game play, but when the play is stopped, players may exit or enter anywhere.
Playing time is same as that of a basketball wherein it was divided into four periods. Each period usually has 8 minutes of game time.

The Game play

By throwing it to a teammate or swimming the ball in front of them, is the way the ball can be moved by the field players. Though the ball is not permitted to push underwater (in order to keep it from an opponent) or being push or hold an opposing player unless that player is holding the ball.

As this is a very aggressive sport, it is therefore common that fouls will occur. This resulted in a free throw in which player cannot shoot at the goal unless beyond a five meter line. But if the foul is called beyond the five meter line, the player is either able to shoot, pass or continue swimming with the ball. Stamina is one of the remarkable factors in playing this game. Because of the considerable amount of holding and pushing that occurs during the game. Some of these movements were allowed, some are unseen and some are mostly ignored by the referees (which usually are underwater). Aside from stamina, water polo is also a very physically demanding sport activity wherein players may swim upto 5 kilometers of more during the entire four period of play.
It also requires excellent hand-eye coordination. Player should be able to handle and pass the ball flawlessly separates the good team from the great teams.

Basic Game Rules

Fouls have two types. The first one will result to the fouler giving up the ball and backing off. The other one is an ejection or kick-out. If someone is too aggressive (like drowning or smacking), the player are usually being ejected from the game.
Comparing to other sports, scoring in water polo can be quite different. A "skip" or "bounce shot" is done deliberately at the water with force so that the ball will bounce back. The goal keeper usually cannot block this move as the ball usually hits the water within a meter of the net. Pump faking is also use as an effective shot wherein player gets into the position of shooting and then stops halfway through the arm-throwing motion, causing the defender will commit too early to clock the subsequent shot.


A score is made only if the ball completely passes between the goal post and is underneath the crossbar. A shot but bounces back if the goal post into the field play, the ball is rebounded by the players and the clock is reset. If the shot goes outside the goal and outside of the field of play, the ball is automatically recovered by the defense. But if the goal keeper is the one who last touch the goal (or the defender), the offensive receives the ball at the two meter line for a corner throw (just like the corner kick of a football or soccer play.


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