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Unusual Shark Gifts

December 14, 2011  by: Abhijit Bangal  Points: 12   Category: Others  Earning $0.20   Views: 1387

Pictures, images and postcards are some of the items the shark lovers like to make a collection of.


Pictures, images and postcards are some of the items the shark lovers like to make a collection of. However, shark lovers can have a range of gifts those can truly be said to be unusual. The gifts can vary to such an extent that the sharks can be a routine item in your daily life.

Shark toys
There are many shark toys available in the toy market. It is indeed fun to have such toys even for the grown-ups. Shark wind chimes are one of the popular items. Suspend the toy shark at the center of the wind chime. It will give an impression as if the shark is swimming in thin air. You can even go for shark coasters. They have a collection of mind-blowing images of sea creature. The exciting thing is that it has a variety of sharks in the collection. Other things you can consider are pencil caps, soda bottle openers and mailboxes where you can creatively use the slender fins and the fatal teeth of sharks.

A trip to an aquarium
A trip to an aquarium is an unusual gift you can give to your kids. Though this is a present you cannot feel physically, it is certain to be a memory to be cherished for days to come. Your kids can come up close and personal and have close encounters with the dreaded animal. For children in their teens or the adults, a boat tour would be a preferred option. This way, one can get to see the sharks in their natural environment. You can also go for diving trips if you gather the courage. However, for safety measures, there are steel cages. So safety is guaranteed.

Shark laser pointer tip
You can show a beaming light through the nose of the shark. Fix a laser pointer near the dorsal fin of the shark. Make it carefully to face the same direction as that of the shark's nose. You may need glue to fasten the laser pointer to the shark. To make it look more realistic, color the laser pointer so that it matches with the shark's background. You can use it as a shark pointer. It is even fun for the adults to use it. This can also become a good presentation article if you do it skillfully.

Shark sleeping bags
Shark sleeping bags are good especially in cold conditions. The belly of the shark acts like a safe abode for children who love the cozy and comfortable shark sleeping bags. They are warm from inside and can gently hold you in its belly. The comfort inside the shark is certain to give a relaxed night's sleep. To make it more realistic, you can have its eyes placed at the correct places, attach the fins and gill slits as well.

Apart from this use, you can place such miniature sharks in your office to make the atmosphere more thrilling for your visitors. Conference rooms and reception desks are other places where such you can place such shark gifts.

Author: sarosh        
Posted Date: 12/14/2011    Points:1    

These are very effective among children and thanks for sharing

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