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Hitler and his Dilomacy of Presenting Cars

December 14, 2011  by: Madan G Singh  Points: 12   Category: Political    Views: 776

Hitler presented the Maybach car to rulers in Asia and Africa to further his interests


Adolf Hitler was the dictator of Germany from almost 12 years. Though the Nazi's had envisioned a 1000 year regime yet, they collapsed like a pack of cards in a very short time. But somethings have endured and that is still there for all to see. To start with the Volswagon car, autobahns and developments in rocketry and aircraft have survived Hitler and his regime. When Hitler was in full and complete control of Germany, he had grandoise dreams of becoming a world conqueror.

Thus his policy was tailored to put that into effect. He laid great stress on giving presents to people who he thought could help him seize the initiative in Asia. In this he used the powerful German auto industry as a conduit for his plans. In this he planned to use the luxury car Maybach as part of his scheme. The Maybach as is well known is a car that is a step ahead of the Rolls Royce and a tribute to German engineering skills. In 1935 he agreed to have a meeting with the Maharajah of Patiala, Bhupinder Singh. His purpose of meeting the Maharajah was two fold. Firstly he wanted a ally against the English rulers in India and secondly he assumed that the Maharajah who was chairman of the Princes Chamber in India, would be a help in his dream of world domination and exit of the British rule over India. he assumed the Maharajah would swing the other princes against the English.

It is on record that this meeting from 10 minutes got extended to one hour and Hitler also invited the Maharajah for lunch the next day. During the lunch Hitler presented a Maybach car to the Maharajah. The Maharajah was delighted and being an auto buff( he owned 27 Rolls Royce) readily accepted the gift. Hitler was thus using a present of the Maybach car to further the interests of Germany. Hitler presented two more Maybach cars.This was not out of any altruist ideas, but to further German interests. he presented one car to the King of Nepal and another to King Farrukh of Egypt.. In both cases he assumed that presenting a Maybach car will give Germany political mileage.

The King of Nepal was specially cultivated as he had an independent Kingdom and Hitler assumed that it would be a good idea to get a foothold in central Asia through the King. Hitler was a shrewd man and understood the politics of presents very well.It is another matter that he lost the war and his presents of Maybach cars had no effect on the History of India during that period.


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