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Seven Qualities of Patience that Crown You with Success

December 14, 2011  by: Paulose  Points: 20   Category: Others    Views: 1212

Patience brings success without fail. It crowns you with success. It is the crowning virtue of victory.


In the South Indian language Tamil there is a proverb that means patience wins over everything. We have seen a lot of people enjoying the fruits of patience. When patience is lost the entire endeavor and the waiting become a mere waste.

The seven qualities of patience

1) Patience saves from rash action

Patience can lead you to success, because it is a personal quality that manifests itself in wise choices as well as abstinence from rash action. Patience is one of those personal qualities that typically can choose the long-term gain over the short-term gratification. Victory is not a mere result of luck; but rather it is the fruit of patience.

2) Patience is sweet

Patience is always sweet while impatience and irritability on the part of people in management can poison a working environment like nothing else. When one reacts quickly in stressful circumstances, it will be difficult for him to work cohesively with others in the workplace. If he can remain calm and display patience, it can become the key tool in having a successful career.

3) Patience gives the peace of mind

Patience always helps us understand the truth and deal with the truth in a manner that will either solve problems or see them as unsolvable. The patient person resists saying no to bad circumstances and by perseverance and patience he reaps the good reward.

4) Patience is the most powerful weapon in frustration

It is quite normal to feel frustrated when you are bombarded by others with their opinions and their own agendas. This is when you talk to your self and keep control of your emotions and be patient. Patience only can protect you as disagreements are normal and not everyone may agree with you. Mind you, losing your composure and reacting quickly will have a negative impact on your credibility.

5) Patience suppresses 'Ego'

Patience means that we must bear inconvenience, and sometimes rejection, without complaint which prepares our mind to leave our 'ego' and take things patiently as they come. In the workplace perhaps we may be forced to work with those around us, and oftentimes personalities and values clash. It is our patience, in those times, that protects us from our pitfalls. Patient people recognize the realities. They behave in a way that makes perfect sense to them.

6) Patience leads to empathy

In trying to understand dysfunctional or disruptive behavior, the patient person looks beyond his own 'ego' and tries to figure out why such behavior would make sense to the person exhibiting it. Patience, then, leads to empathy. The empathetic person handles people and situations better than the impatient person, and will get ahead and can achieve success easily.

7) Patience builds up good character

Patience builds up character and enhances your can critical thinking skills. If you take more time to thinking patience, you will be able to come up with better and more intuitive ideas. Patience is truly a virtue in the workplace and provides the opportunity for crowning you with your own success.


Author: Dr. Simran Kaur        
Posted Date: 12/18/2011    Points:2    

Right said Paulose, patience is key to success. In today's fast moving world it is difficult to keep but not impossible. So one should try to have as much patience as one can have.

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