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How to Overcome Initial Nervousness in Life?

December 14, 2011  by: sarosh  Points: 12   Category: Others  Earning $0.15   Views: 713

People who get nervous in their life will have tougher times ahead as confidence is very essential in today's world.....


Have you undergone nervousness while facing a crowd or when entering new place? there are many people who do get nervous in such things and it is also quite common these day's.How to avoid these situations? is it possible to overcome this feelings for ever? This is still a big question mark with many of them around.

I did have nervous feeling when facing crowd in my very younger day's, but later on i just started loving crowds watching over me as i was always getting their attention first wherever i was and i used to get involved in them very much.There was also a guy from my class in those day's who used to cry at times feeling lonely and facing new people around. Mingling with new people is also an art and once you start communicating with them, enjoying them things will change pretty fast like in my case. But initial excitement of landing in a new place and interacting with new people is still there with me and it is not nervousness, but real excitement now.

Being in a group and getting involved in the fun and also playing in an open ground with crowd watching all the time will also help overcome the nervousness factor in you.As there is no real therapy to overcome this factor, you have to follow these simple things to be more confident in life. I have seen some people who are very good players when they are playing within their own friends group and get really nervous with under performance while playing against other teams. These people should be nurtured properly to overcome their nervousness as this is very much needed for them. Once they get hold of nervous
feeling, they can conquer the world as they can be on their own without worrying much about other things around.People not only nervous in sports, stage performance etc, but they also get nervous when landing in a new place as they will
not even move around that place. This has to be overcome as this is not at all good for anyone. It is always better to get adjusted with everything around as fats as you can to be the best in everything. If these things are not corrected at younger age, then it might become a huge problem later on and will effect all the stages of your life which will be bad for sure


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