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Ten Tips to Face the Winter Challenge

December 14, 2011  by: Paulose  Points: 20   Category: Health    Views: 1267

Skin care in winter is a challenge for a lot of people. It becomes a greater challenge since the cold dry air removes moisture in the skin. A special care is needed to care for the skin which is the largest organ of the body.


Winter is a great challenge for the skin. Skin care becomes more affected in winter because of the cold dry air that robs the skin of its natural moisture. Unless special care is taken to keep the skin glowing when the weather turns cold, it may lead to other serious troubles.

Why is your skin dry in winter?

As winter approaches the skin becomes dry. It is a common problem that affects all, irrespective of age. The cold weather takes the moisture out of your skin and makes it dry. When the skin becomes dry it may create fine lines in the skin making the skin feel rough and appears dull and flaky. Arms and legs are more affected.The lips also may have cracks. When the skin is dry you may feel itchy and uneasy.

The cold weather causes dryness because during the winter environmental humidity is going low.

Ten tips to face the winter challenge

1) Keep the moisture of your skin

In winter your skin lacks water and moisture and becomes very weak. The dry air that surrounds you during the cold months robs off the essential oil and moisture from your skin. The skin on your legs, feet, elbows, and other places of your body becomes dry. Use an oil-based moisturizer and keep your face and body free from becoming dry.

2) Remove the dry and dead skin
Exfoliating your skin once or twice a week to remove the dry and dead skin may be necessary to keep your skin in a healthy condition and help you to manage during the harsh winter weather.

3) Face creams and cleansers should be used carefully

Face creams, toners and cleansers that are available in plenty should be selected carefully so that they may not irritate or dry your skin further.

4) Washing strips oil

Water removes the oil from your skin and makes the skin dry, scaly and wrinkled and so you need not wash your skin as you do it in summer. Using very hot water will also cause dryness by removing the essential oils of the body that maintain the balance of a normal skin.

5) Drink water regularly

Winter may make you shun from drinking water. Staying hydrated by drinking water helps to keep your body moisturized. Even if you may not feel thirsty you should it a habit to drink water to avoid dehydraration.

6) Lip care is essential

Winter weather affects the lips very much. It is essential to moisturize your lips often and keep them soft to avoid cracks. Lip balms that are rich in Vitamin E can act as a protective barrier for lips against the unfavorable winter conditions.

7) Cover your hands and feet

Since the skin on your hands is thin and has less oil glands than other parts of the body you must keep it well covered. Outdoor winter air may drain your hands and legs quickly. Hence keep them covered with gloves and socks.

8) Keep your room humidified

Humidifiers can keep the indoor environment well hydrated and moisturized and protect your skin from winter-harnessed dryness.

9) Winter skin needs special food

Attention to diet is necessary to maintain the condition of the skin. Eating healthy foods helps boosting up immunization powers to keep your skin moisturized from within and to fight with infecting agents. Include vegetables, fruits, yeast, milk, and honey, etc in your winter diet.

10) Exercises help maintaining skin condition

Regular exercises during winter months keeps your body warm and helps you to maintain your skin healthy and vibrant. Regular exercise of 20-30 minutes can provide your skin a healthy glow.



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