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Some software and hardware reasons which damage the PST files

December 15, 2011  by: biasboshell  Points: 12   Category: Software    Views: 540

The prominent hardware and software issues which damage the PST files have been discussed in this article. To an extent, the Microsoft based 2GB Truncation Tool and Inbox Repair Tool can fix the PST errors. An easy and accurate way to resolve PST issues is a specifically devised PST recovery tool.


The Microsoft Outlook heavily depends upon the PST files for holding the crucial information. The data in every folder i.e. contacts, calendar, sent items, inbox is stored in PST format only. Sometimes the PST files become inaccessible or respond unexpectedly because of numerous reasons. That means, the PST files have gone corrupt or damaged because of some reason. There are several reasons which can damage the PST files. In this article, we will tell you about some common software and hardware reasons which damage the PST files. You can also rectify these errors with the help of a PST recovery tool i.e. Inbox repair tool or 2GB truncation tool.

Hardware reasons which damage the PST files
The PST files stored in hardware can get corrupt due to defective networking device, hard disk corruption, header corruption, power failure, etc.

Defective networking device: Network issues can very badly damage the PST files in your hard disk. One should refer, only authenticated and certified devices for accessing the network.

Power failure: If the PST file is open and the system shuts down abruptly or accidentally then they can go corrupt.

Hard disk corruption or header corruption: All the data is ultimately stored in the belly of hard disk. Any minute sector corruption can make the PST file inaccessible.

Software reasons which damage the PST files
PST files can be badly affected because of software issues i.e. malicious virus attack, bugs or MS Outlook corruption itself.

Malicious virus attack: Viruses i.e. Trojan Horse can create grave problems and errors in PST files. In that case, the PST files behave unexpectedly.

2GB limitation: The huge size of PST files can make the MS Outlook slog. Moreover, if the PST files exceed the size of 2GB limitation then they can go corrupt. The 2GB limitation is mainly prevailing in Outlook 2000 and Outlook 2002.

Outlook corruption: Here is an example of Outlook corruption, a running Outlook program is closed abruptly and it is not responding now. This means that the Outlook PST has been damaged.

Tools for salvaging the PST files
2GB Truncation Tool: Microsoft has facilitated the 2GB Truncation Tool for cropping the size of offline storage files and personal storage files in MS Outlook. After removing the unwanted mails and using this PST recovery tool a user can dramatically accelerate the speed of MS Outlook.

Inbox Repair Tool: This PST recovery tool is more popularly known by the name of Scan PST tool. It is a part and parcel of the MS Outlook and located in the program files. The Inbox Repair Tool can fix the minor PST file errors by scanning and healing them. A user can search it in the search box or manually as per his Windows version.

What the experts suggest
Using the Inbox Repair tool and 2GB Truncation Tool is very difficult and a non technical user would find many difficulties in using them. An effective and easy remedy for corrupt PST files is Kernel for Outlook PST Repair. Unlike the Inbox Repair Tool this PST recovery tool can recover end number of PST files in just minutes.

For more info please visit :- http://www.pstrecoverytool.net/


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