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Problems faced by students during preparation of examination and remedies for it

December 15, 2011  by: kanduri narasimha  Points: 12   Category: Others  Earning $0.40   Views: 1976

In this resource, I have given how a student get addled by the atmosphere that he faced in examination hall. In this article, I have also explained about common mistakes that done by a student in preparing an examination. Finally, I have mentioned tips to prepare for exams.


Problems faced by a student when he enter in examination hall:

Generally, students when start from home to write exam they feel relax. But, when they reached to examination hall, then some tension will start whether they can write the examination well or not. After the student took question paper, then without revise the question paper even one time he would like to write easy questions whatever he has in his mind. But, time is not permit him to write all questions and finally when come from examination hall his face becomes blank. It is the routine problem that every student is faced when he has no certain path to manage time in examination hall.

Common mistakes that done by a student while he is preparing an examination:

Generally, students prepare for exam without certain idea of planning. Moreover, students have a common habit that they do not want to prepare lessons at the time they complete. Whenever, examination is approached then students start the lessons from first lesson up to syllabus for the examination one day before. Without the matter in long term memory, students enter into examination to write. Finally, they failed in one or two subjects otherwise they pass all subjects with minimum pass marks.

Above mentioned mistakes are generally done for students, but that should not be happened to get more marks in examination.

Tips to preparing for an examination:

The following tips should be possessed by students to get good marks.
1. One has to prepare for a lesson when it is completed at that instant.
2. One has to sum up all the lessons in different subjects on weekends by conducting exam oneself.
3. One has to maintain time management while they conducting exam oneself.
4. One has to collect his conducted answer sheets and one has to rectify the mistakes that done by one in his answer sheets.
The above points are enough for get best marks in the examination.

Tips to write exam in when enter in to examination hall:

The following tips should be possessed by students to be attentive in examination hall.
1. First, one should be feel relax while one enters in to examination hall.
2. One should have confidence that he would certain write examination with efficient manner.
3. After taking the question paper, one should revise over all question paper. Later, he has to select easy questions.
4. One has to write answers that are sufficient for the questions within time schedule.
5. After completing exam, one has to revise again whether any question is left.

Author: Paulose        
Posted Date: 12/25/2011    Points:3    

Although examinations are undergoing serious changes every now and then, "Examination standard" is still a threat to Indian students. Every time when results are announced many students who fail or fear failure go for suicidal attempts. It is very pitiable and should be considered by those who frame norms for examinations. In western countries the students do not undergo such a great torture of examination stress.

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