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Help the Child With Overactive Bladder

December 15, 2011  by: Paulose  Points: 25   Category: Health    Views: 524

Children with overactive bladders suffer physically and psychologically. Overactive bladder is a normal part of growing up. All should be aware of the sufferings of such children and help them for their survival.


When a child has overactive bladder, he or she has to suffer physically and psychologically. He has to frequent to the bathroom, has to face abuses from others and has to limit his activities. This weakness cripples him physically and mentally. He cannot participate in sports, camp trips or other social activities. Though overactive bladder is a normal part of growing up in many children and disappears over time, it affects girls and boys in many ways.

The child has to face many problems at school and with his friends. Overactive bladder makes him worried about loosing bladder control at school. He dares not to look at others, fearing others will make fun of him or tease him. He will have to lose friends or will not go for friends at all.

But this condition can be treated in most of the children who have difficulty controlling their bladders. Dr. Lynn Woo, M.D., a pediatric urology specialist at Cleveland, Ohio, says, "Overactive bladder conditions should not limit your activities or negatively impact your quality of life."

Overactive bladder in children

Overactive bladder is a condition of bladder in which children may experience sudden and overwhelming urges to urinate immediately. Sometimes this urge may lead to leakage. It is a weakness of the body that makes one go to the bathroom too often. It happens when the nerves signal the bladder muscles and start pressing to push urine out even if the bladder is not full. The child has to pass urine even before he is ready to go. This squeezing actions of the bladder can even cause urine leakage.

Symptoms of overactive bladder

1) Feeling a sudden and strong urge to pass urine immediately.

2) Experiencing urine leakage or incontinence after a strong urge. The urine leakage may happen out of control.

3) Frequency of going to the bathroom will be more than the usual level. Urinating eight or more times a day may be a symptom of this condition.

4) Waking up two or more times to urinate during sleep is a symptom of this.

How to help a child with overactive bladder?

1) The parents should be aware of this condition and consult a urologist. Nowadays medicines are available which can be very beneficial to help sooth the child's bladder issues. This can relieve the parent of his worries by providing a solution for their child.

2) Parents and teachers should find out the root cause of such condition. Sometimes it may be some food habit or some stress problem. That should be tackled and solved.

3) The teachers or those who are involved in looking after the child should be well aware of the condition of the child. They should have at least one extra pair of clothes at school. It is advisable to have a little extra padding that can help absorb the urine and it will save the child from changing the dress often during the school day.

4) It is important that the child should not be treated as defective. He should be encouraged in every possible way. Allowing the child to the bathroom should not embarrass the child.

5) Limiting the intake of fluids will be of great help to reduce frequency of bathroom visits.


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