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Six Types Of Friends Who Can Make You Live Longer

December 15, 2011  by: Paulose  Points: 20   Category: Others    Views: 771

Friendship is a precious gift from God Almighty for the welfare and survival human race. Here are six friends who can make you live longer.


Your friends are greater predictor of the longevity of your life than your relatives. They are God given assets in your life for your health, wealth and peaceful life. A10-year study of senior citizens in Adelaide, Australia has discovered that your friends can protect you against obesity, depression and heart diseases.

A real friend

Who is a real friend? "A real friend is one who walks in when the rest of the world walks out." He shares your joys and sorrows. He is the satisfaction of your life. There are six kinds of friends who can make your life longer.

Six kinds of friends

There are six kinds of friends who can come to your rescue in needs according to the above studies made with the senior citizens. You can find them around you. They are: a lifelong friend, a new friend, a workout friend, a spiritual friend, a younger friend and a friend who can empathize.

1) A lifelong friend

A lifelong friend is the one who sees past your bifocals to what you were at 16. Rebecca G. Adams, a leading friendship researcher and sociology professor at the University of North Carolina at Greensboro, says, "These friends remind you that you are still the person you have always been. Who else knew your family when you were growing up?"

2) A new friend

A new friend is everywhere. Unlike old buddies, this kind of companion has no preconceived notions about you. Pamela McLean, a psychologist in Santa Barbara,CA. says, "New friends ignite different kinds of thinking, fresh ways of being" they connect you to another network people and to a new world. That can be useful if you need to change jobs or are looking for a romantic partner. You can find these friends by trying unfamiliar activities.

3) A workout friend

Workout friends are with you wherever you work. Experts agree that exercising, whether you are walking or playing or doing some group activities, is one of the lost important things you can do for your physical and mental health and longevity. A recent study by University of Connecticut has found that strong social support is the key to maintain a new exercise regimen for a long time. Setting a joint goal is the best way to boost the get-healthy payoff of a workout partner, because neither of you is poking nor prodding the other, which is a recipe for resentment.

4) A spiritual friend

A spiritual friend is the partner of a spiritual community. This need not be a religious group. This helps people stay resilient. Studies have shown that people who regularly attended religious or engaged in activities like meditation had a 50 per cent lower risk of dying over a six-year period than others of the same age and health status.

5) A younger friend

A younger friend may be able to recommend a book or CD to buy for your relative or give fresh perspective on current events. Researches show that an essential element of a happy life is to nurture and feel useful to others by passing on what you have learned by experience.

6) friend who can empathize

Everybody has problems. A friend who has the same problems like you can empathize with you. Try to find out friends who understand you by attending support groups locally, or online. You can help each other reduce stress by getting out of your usual routines.



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