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Is Marriage a Beginning or an End?

December 15, 2011  by: Paulose  Points: 15   Category: Inspirational Stories    Views: 675

Romantic love begins with and deep love. It leads to the wedding knot. But most of these wed locks end in serious problems and failure.


I always wonder where actually the family begins. Is it when a young man a young woman fall in love and begin their song of love? Or is it when they decide to enter into married life? Or is it when they begin their wedded life which was already 'decided in heaven'?

Pat and Matt were in unfathomable love for each other. Their love ended in marriage. But what followed after?

Pat and Matt in the ecstasy of love

Patricia and Matthew fell in love even while they were in high school. They were steady in their love for ten years. They were the 'made for each other' role model for their friends. But unfortunately for their parents, just they were not. They were from different religious backgrounds which their parents could not accept. Pat was an intelligent and promising student; but Matt was least interested in academics. Her family was sound in finance; he was from a poorer family. She was devotedly religious; he never bothered it. The differences were just too many and formidable for them to tie the marriage knot. But it happened, as the young man and woman persisted. She cried, threatened and insisted, "Without Matt I have no life". He just kept saying, "no other woman in my life but Pat." At last they succeeded in getting into the wedlock, with the help of their friends.

The first shock

Friends were elated to see their 'romantic models' in their wedlock; but their families were upset. Soon Pat and Matt had a baby. 'Too soon', they thought. The first ever serious dilemma their married life: do we need the baby? Both unemployed, she on the verge of migrating to the North for higher studies and he with absolutely no means to feed them, how can handle the newborn?

What a change in life!

An additional partner in the family! A child in their 12 months of married life! Accustomed to all comforts as children and adolescents, now both Pat and Matt had to knock at the doors of their parents for everything- milk powder for the baby, money for food, medicine, etc.

Taste of bitterness

"I am tired of this life. I cannot feed them. I am tired of knocking at the doors. I have no other go. Let her go. Let her live in any way she likes. Let her have a life. I will get lost," Matt said.

Pat had tears streaming down her face. "What on earth is he saying? Me and the baby go away? How stupid can he be? Can't he go and do some work and get some money at least to feed the baby?"

Words added fire to the emotions

"Nowadays she doesn't respect me. I'm nothing for her. Where is her love and respect? She too looks down at me. My family, her family, the whole world looks down at me. I've become good for nothing. I should be get lost," Matt's thoughts were killing him.

"If only he loved me and the baby? What happened to his proclamations of love? For years he was running after me! But now.?" Pat was yelling in her heart.

Is the romantic love the beginning of an end?

Pat and Matt had a tough time even to build the foundations of their married life. Faced with extreme poverty and dependence on others, they had to probe the depth of their relationship. They are still at a loss searching for their values which could have held them together.

What is the basis of their married life? What would have been the foundation of their life that could have saved their marital life?



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