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The Best Freeware on Internet - Advanced System Care - Complete Review - Part I

December 16, 2011  by: S. Chowdhury  Points: 12   Category: Software  Earning $0.75   Views: 1318

Among the Freeware available on Internet I personally rate the free version of Advanced System Care as the best. I have done a complete review of the software in my article to put across my point. Read the article to know why I am saying Advanced System is the best.


Freeware is computer software that is available for the use of everybody on Internet around the world free of any cost. Generally it is being observed that this kind of usage has been granted with a few restrictions imposed that can be lifted with the purchase of the full version of the software. On payment of a certain fee license is given for a certain period to use the full version of the software - as per the scheme - without any restrictions imposed and from a single PC to multiple PCs. Very few or almost negligible software companies or individual developers grant the usage of the software for free without any restrictions imposed.

But even though restrictions might be imposed on a Freeware still many of them coming from reputed and trustworthy sources outdo even some paid versions as well. One such example is Avast Free Anti-virus. I am saying this as because I've been using it for years without any trouble and I've read reviews where it was stated that it has been tested in the Lab with a few other paid versions and it outperformed even some paid versions of anti-virus. Therefore it is not at all wise to think for anybody that Freeware is of no use and it is better to purchase a paid version. Yes paid version is certainly a better option but if you can do the job with a Freeware then why purchase a paid version unless you have money itching in your pocket!

On the Internet there are various kinds of Freeware available - Internet Browsers, Anti-virus software, Anti-spyware software, Firewall, Disk Cleaner, Video Uploader or Downloader, Media Player, File Unzipping software, DVD creator, File Converter, Disk Defragmenter, Image Editor, Movie Creator, Registry Cleaner, PC Tuner, etc. But the kind of Freeware that I generally look for are the ones that would keep my PC up and running and in the best shape possible. Therefore the anti-virus, anti-spyware, Firewall, PC Tuner, Disk Defragmenter, Registry Cleaner, etc. are my favourite Freeware.

Advanced System Care (formerly known as Advanced Windows Care Personal) from IObit is one such splendid Freeware that is basically a multi-functional PC Tuner tool and promises a one-click maintenance and cleanup solution for every PC. Even though there are restrictions imposed in the free version and I believe the paid version is quite awesome but the free version despite the restrictions is quite robust enough to complement other such supporting maintenance tools on your PC. It is much better than any such similar tool available on Internet and works really like a multi-dimensional tool. I can say that after using it for years now. Hence I personally rate it as the 'Best Freeware on Internet'! I've also mentioned this in my Facebook post as well.

Advanced System Care latest free version

Advanced System Care has two types of scanning and repairing option of your PC - 'Deep Care' and 'Quick Care'. The Deep Care option does a thorough scanning and repairing of problems found in your PC and take up some time to complete the operation depending upon the state of your PC and how well you have maintained it and also the configuration of the machine as well. The Quick Care option in contrast is a much lighter scan and repair and doesn't take up much time and should be done if the PC is already in a good shape. Apart from the two scan options Advanced System Care has a toolbox that has a host of very useful functions and other supporting software from the same maker. It can be called a magic box really!

Following are the functions of the multi-functioned Deep Care option of Advanced System Care:

(1) Full Malware Removal - Scan and searches in depth for any kind of malware and security threats in the PC. This option might not be that effective in the free version but if you are depending only on this one to remove malware or security threats from your PC then it is totally your fault.
(2) Deep Registry Fix - Clean up Registry in depth to improve performance. This is quite effective even in the free version, as I've found out myself. Registry is botched up by many running programs or from errors during installation or uninstallation of programs in a PC and this option certainly does the job of cleaning it even though you might use a registry cleaner or the default Windows option. I have used it after a faulty uninstallation and got great results. So this option works fine.
(3) Registry Defrag - Compact and optimize registry to increase PC performance. This option is not available in the free version currently though it used to be available in some of the earlier versions.
(4) System Optimization - Optimize and repair system configuration. This option is not that effective in the free version and I guess they have restored the functionalities and advantages for the upgraded version only.
(5) Startup Optimization - Optimize or delay startup items to speed up computer. As soon as the PC boots up lots of programs launch together some of which might not be of necessity and high importance. Hence if the start of those were delayed then it will improve PC performance. From the settings of this option you can choose which programs to launch and which to delay. This is quite a good option and is really helpful.

Deep Care scan option of Advanced System Care

(6) Shortcut Fix - Scan and fix invalid shortcuts. Shortcuts to files that has been moved or deleted mess the Startup menu and Desktop. This option finds them out and removes them. Not of high priority but certainly a good option.
(7) Privacy Sweep - Erase your activity history and surfing traces. In this age of online hackers who steal important information from other peoples PCs by injecting Trojans this option is a safeguard as it wipes out all the information regarding your online activities that might include a purchase or money transfer and other surfing history traces from your hard drive and registry. Therefore this option is very important. The free version in this regard is quite good as I found out myself.
(8) Junk Files Clean - Clean up junk files and recover disk space. When we surf the Internet and visit several web pages the copies of the web content are stored in the temporary files of our hard drives that makes it easier for us to access the web pages faster next time. This is a feature of many present browsers. As time goes this temporary files fill up large amounts of open space in the hard disk and therefore slowdown the performance of the PC. Therefore from time to time it is very important to delete this temporary files or junk files. The free version of Advanced System Care is good but not that effective compared to a CCleaner or TFC (Temporary File Cleaner). So it is better if you can use a CCleaner and TFC to completely wipe out your temporary files. But it is not that bad either that much I must say, I just gave you the better free option.
(9) Security Defense - Prevents malware from being installed in your PC. This option bolsters the Restricted sites option of Internet Explorer and blocking of sites in the Privacy option of Internet Explorer as well by blocking known malware sites and also prevents malicious Active X content. This is a nice safe option.
(10) Disk Scan - Scan and fix hard disk errors. Even though this is a good option but I don't think this is enough and from time to time you must use checkdisk to do a thorough investigation to look and repair hard disk errors. I don't know about the paid option, maybe it is much better than the free one.
(11) Vulnerability Fix - Scan and fix windows vulnerabilities. Windows regularly release security updates for its various Operating Systems to plug security loopholes and security breaches that are exploited by hackers. This option scans for the required updates specifically for your operating system incase you have turned off the Windows Automatic Update option, downloads them from Microsoft's site and installs them sparing you of all the trouble of finding the latest Windows Updates. This I feel is one of the best available options of Deep Care.
(12) Disk Defragment - Defrag hard disk to improve PC performance. This option takes up some time as it searches for fragments within your file systems and rearranges them in order. The free option is not a standalone option but if you supplement it with the Smart Defrag also from IObit then your files will be much in order and facilitate in the faster running of your PC. I have tested and found that it affects the performance fractionally for the better.

Quick Care scan option of Advanced System Care

For both the Quick Care and Deep Care options you can perform only the scan by clicking 'Scan Now' in the main window of Advanced System Care, see the problems and then apply the Repair option or you can choose the 'Scan and Repair' option. Also you can choose the option that I use generally, which is the 'Shutdown PC after Scan and Repair' option. This option lets you do other job while the PC performs the scan, as it might take a while in case of Deep Care and then shutdown the PC on its own after waiting for 15 seconds in which time you can cancel the scheduled shutdown. I found this option very useful.

(To be Continued)


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