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The Best Freeware on Internet - Advanced System Care - Complete Review - Part II

December 17, 2011  by: S. Chowdhury  Points: 12   Category: Software  Earning $1.50   Views: 1312

The free version of Advanced System Care has so many useful features and options that it would probably require a book to give a full-proof review. But I have tried my best to cover all the features and give a synopsis of those. So please read on to know the great features of the toolbox in Advanced System Care and you'd certainly know why I'm rating this software as the 'Best Freeware on Internet'!


(Continued from Part I)

Apart from this great option there is a toolbox as I said earlier and it has some great features. Some of the features present in the toolbox are only for the upgraded version like Registry Cleaner, Internet Booster, Registry Defrag and Cloned Files Scanner and some of the features are already there in the Deep Care option. I'll talk of those features that are exclusively present in the toolbox and free to use. Following are those options:

(1) Browser Guard - Protects your browser from malicious toolbars and other extensions. From this feature you can see the toolbars and extensions added in Internet Explorer. User ratings are available for each option and you can tick a choice or more and choose to remove it by clicking the Repair button below. Tools with poor ratings are automatically ticked to be removed by default and you can change it if you think it is trustworthy.
(2) IE Helper - Manages Internet Explorer add-ons and system context menu. Restores hijacked settings. From this feature you can view all the Internet Explorer settings including the toolbars and extensions installed, the startup pages and search pages and many others. You can modify the properties of those or choose the default settings option. Same goes for the Context menu settings and you should only tamper with those if you are sure what you are doing else you should leave it as it is.

Advanced System Care Toolbox

(3) Win Fix - Helps you analyze your Windows operation system and fix found problems. There are several options in this feature. You can perform a scan and fix the problems from the General Fix option or you can go for a thorough analysis in the Advanced Fix option. The Advanced Fix option mentions specific problems for Desktop, System, IE, Windows Media Player, Security and Additional. Read about the problems and see whether if you had any of those and then click Fix to repair it. For example, Internet Explorer shows Runtime Error Dialogs many times while running and you wander what to do. Now you can fix this problem and many others from this feature. There are also available options to fix the Internet Explorer and Windows Media Player where the tool re-registers all the concerned dll and ocx files for IE and dll files for the Media Player to facilitate the smooth running of those if you are facing constant errors while running those. I have found this feature to be very beneficial and without any technical jargon.
(4) Disk Explorer - Analyzes your hard drives or any particular folder to show you an overview of the big files and folders which occupy your valuable disk space. Everyone knows that the less cluttered your hard drives are the better performance and speed will be of your PC. But the fact is that many people don't check how much space is being used up by unnecessary big files and not sure of their volume either. By this feature you can analyze the files of your hard drives or any folder and then if you feel that those files are cramping up your disk space and you don't need those then check the box option and delete those files. But one caution, do not tamper ever with your system files it will cause great damage. This feature is also a nice option.
(5) System Information - Collects and displays detail information of your system. This feature is a great feature. How many of us are aware of the type of Motherboard or Processor we are using. You need those technical details either to avoid problems or while you face it. This feature scan the system and gives you all the information about your Operating System, Motherboard, Processor, RAM, Network Device, Optical Drive, Monitor, video adapters, USB controllers and other devices their version and manufacturer of some as well. Hence you can analyze those or report to somebody with technical knowledge for further assistance. It is really of great help.
(6) IObit Uninstaller - This feature helps you uninstall programs from your computer. If proper uninstallation doesn't happen then there will be left over items that can botch up the System Registry. Therefore it is necessary to have a clean uninstall. Generally the default Windows option does the job but for some pesky programs it shows error at times, which can create trouble. This feature has a normal uninstall option and a Forced uninstall option to remove even leftover items. So you should use this feature if you are unsure whether the Windows uninstaller will do the job or not.
(7) File Shredder - When files or folders are deleted some traces remain at times that can be exploited by thieves and hackers. This feature deletes a file or folder absolutely and completely up to a point that it becomes totally irretrievable via a secure method. There are options available for more secure deletion with more passes to choose but it takes up some time in case of medium files. So you should use this feature to delete really confidential and important files or folders from your system.
(8) Smart RAM - Monitors and optimizes memory usage to increase available physical memory. RAM is the available physical memory of the system of a PC that it uses to run the Operating system and other available applications and programs. The more the quantity of RAM the faster will be the performance of the PC. This feature frees up valuable MB of RAM memory by recycling unused memory blocks using two methods: Deep Clean and Smart Clean and helps to boost the PC performance. Also it monitors the amount of free and used RAM if the program is allowed to run in the taskbar and it helps anyone see how much RAM is being used up for running some programs and use the two cleaning options. The settings can be changed as well if one is aware of it or else the default is the best option as I find and you can also select the option of running the program at startup if you want. This program is also available as a single product in the IObit website without the Advanced System Care.
(9) Startup Manager - Optimizes startups to accelerate your PC startup and improve your system. When the system boots lots of programs and applications starts simultaneously thus reducing the PC performance. You can see the programs and applications from this feature and select options to either disable or delay a program you think is best fit. It is best not to tamper with Windows programs as I say, about the others you can certainly decide. This feature goes one step beyond its rivals in the matter that the delay option is generally not available with similar features or programs. Therefore this program is a unique of its kind, very helpful.
(10) Smart Defrag - Smart Defrag is the disk defragmenter from IObit and much better performing than the Windows defragmenter with available options like Automatic Defrag that runs in the background, Analyze and Optimize of hard disk drives and Boot time Defrag. Use this program instead of the Windows defragmenter and see how it keeps the files of your hard disks in much better arrangement and hence improve the PC performance as well. You need to install this program separately from here or from the IObit website or while installing the Advanced System Care in your PC and update it when new versions are released.
(11) Game Booster - Optimizes your PC for smoother and more responsive game play. During running of Games many programs can be stopped from running which will make the Gaming experience much better. This program analyzes and does that automatically for you. I don't know much about this program since I don't play such kind of Games that need this feature. You need to install this program separately from here or from the IObit website or while installing the Advanced System Care in your PC and update it when new versions are released.
(12) Undelete - Restores deleted files after you have emptied the Recycle Bin. It happens sometime to all of us that once we have deleted a file we suddenly realize that we needed it. This great feature will help you get back that file. It searches and gets back deleted Pictures, Music, Documents, Video files or any other kind of file. This is really an awesome feature and quite stupendous.
(13) Sys Explorer - Examines the key parts of your system that affect computer performance and cause trouble. Lots of technical information is available about your system like Operating system, Processor, Memory, Network, etc. that can be used somebody with proper technical knowledge to study and find out the problems in your PC if you are facing any or to make it perform better. So this feature provides quite useful information. Click the diagnose button to get the details.
(14) Process Manager - Manages running programs and displays the performance of your system. This feature is similar to the Windows task manager with a minor addition or two like the priority of a running program. You can either use the Windows task manager or this one to check the running programs and see how much memory is being used up by which program and even shut down non-responding programs as well. So a nice addition.
(15) Driver Manager - This feature scans and tells you whether all your drivers are updated and using the latest available version and also informs of the available update. You can also back up the important driver files of your system and then if there is any error with the driver file then you can restore the driver using the restore option. Quite a unique feature.

Advanced System Care Main Window

(16) IObit Malware Fighter - This is the available malware fighter of IObit that detects and removes the deepest infections and also does active monitoring. You need to install this program separately from here or from the IObit website or while installing the Advanced System Care in your PC and update it when new versions are released. I believe this one is a good product considering the other products of IObit and even the free version as well but I can't tell much about this product as I myself use Avast Free Anti-virus as I have been using it for years much before the time the started using Advanced System car, still if anyone likes it can give it a try certainly.
(17) Auto Shutdown - Shuts down your computer at a scheduled time. You can use this feature to shut down your computer at a time of your choice and even Restart the computer at a time of your choice. Hence if you think that you might go asleep while surfing the Internet or doing other offline jobs then you can certainly use this feature. You can also cancel an existing schedule if you don't need it anymore. Another nice feature.
(18) System Control - Helps you to change operating system settings. This is an awesome feature that lets you to monitor and alter many things if the need be. From the General settings you can view or add the Desktop icons, the homepages of Internet Explorer and Firefox, change the auto play function of CD/DVDs and other removable disk, change cursor width, activate windows key combination function, turn on or off windows security center, firewall, automatic updates, select available options for system failure, change fonts, arrange icons in taskbar as per your choice. The file systems option lets you choose the context menu of files and folders, various ways of opening a file, preference for images, etc. The Folder types option has also a lot of functions like how you want to view, arrange and modify the folder settings. The start menu and taskbar options can also be altered from here. For the browser options you can change some of the basic settings of Internet Explorer and Firefox. The system settings option gives you multiple options to change some of the basic settings of Memory and Cache, your hard drives, your Network connection, Mouse and Keyboard functions, some of the general windows functions. The security option lets you alter the ways of windows logging-in, settings of Windows Security center and some of the privacy options related to Internet Explorer and Windows. In the others option the animation and effects sub-option lets you change the appearance of some basic Windows operations, but the most important sub-option is the Start and Maintenance sub-option. This sub-option lets you schedule hard disk scan for abnormal shutdown, enable or disable boot defragmentation, some windows functions for non-responding programs with task manager and ways of closing applications, some vital settings for desktop and taskbar in case of errors and the way Windows would let you know of an error. If the settings appear confusing to you then you can always use the default settings or not tamper with you but some of the settings are easy to understand and you can always consult some expert for better guidance and even use the technical support of Advanced System Care or check their forum.

Apart from all these splendid functions there is also a turbo boost option and active boost option in the latest free version. The turbo boost option lets you close unnecessary programs or services and hence free up some vital RAM thus improving your PC performance. You can alter the settings on your own and choose which programs or services to close and which to keep running. From my own experiences I can tell you that it certainly makes a minor difference in the faster opening of pages and some other functions.

Advanced System Care Turbo Boost

The active boost option on the other hand runs in the background and improves PC performance by intelligently managing system resource, constantly detecting inactive processes and programs and optimizes CPU as well as RAM. So these are two more great features of Advanced System Care and the turbo boost is a new addition in the latest version of Advanced System Care.

After reading this complete review of the functions and features of the free version of Advanced System Care that had to be stretched to two parts to accommodate all the information possible to be provided by me in a nutshell I guess you know now why I've stated the free version of Advanced System Care as the best Freeware on Internet. Tell me of another software that has so many remarkable and splendidly useful features even in the free version that helps you keep your PC in the best possible shape. You would find none. Even though there are lots of good Freeware on Internet but to get so many functions and features you'd have to install lots of individual software and even then you might miss some vital function or feature. That is why I rate Advanced System Care as the best! If you are still thinking about using it, just give a try and see the difference it makes to your PC for yourself.

You can download the latest version of Advanced System Care free version from the following link:


Keep your PC safe, secure and healthy.



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