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Importance of science in our life and need of science to children

December 17, 2011  by: kanduri narasimha  Points: 12   Category: Others  Earning $0.60   Views: 1175

In this resource, I have explained how science became a part of our life. I have also explained about the position without science. Finally, in this article, in which fields science accrued I have mentioned. I have also presented how superstitions have been abandoned from this world when sciencetific thinking was come in to people. In this article, I have also mentioned how science subject is needed for children.


How science became a part of our life?

Anyone in this world can not live without adhere to use scientific benefits. A simple example is electricity. In day time, we can see surroundings in sun light, but is it possible to see in night time? Thomos Alva Edison is our admirer, a common man, who is the inventor of Electric bulb. His contribution to the world never to be forgotten. Michael Faraday, another scientist, who is the founder of electromagnetism. This concept is root cause of every application in electric and electronic fields.

Position of people without science:

Science is nothing but development of thinking process in correct way. Before developing of that thinking, we are behind the ignorance. With the advent of science and technology, we are now in position to fulfill all our needs at home with little work. A simple exam I explain that without buses, trains and aeroplanes can a person go to from one place to another place with little span of time. Can we think that if telecommunication technology is not there what about communications among people. If we pave issues like in sequent manner we can think where we are. With internet, it is embarrassing thing that the total world becomes global village. Few decades ago, even people at the time could not expect this much development would be developed in their future. There is a story in which an old man planted a mango tree. While he was planting the tree a king came to that side. He said with him that could you eat the mango fruits coming from the tree. But, old man said that this tree is not for me. Next generation people would eat the fruits of the tree. Like that, our scientists would not be inspired for themselves. They only think about whatever problems faced by them would not be faced by coming generations people.

Coming to medical field, dangerous disease are also ceased with the advent of new medicines. Many explorations are being done in medical field to protect the people from dangerous diseases. Even though, new medicines are coming. Human knowledge could not reach to protect the human body from all diseases.

Effect of science on superstitions of people:

With science, many superstitions in the society were eradicated. Some worst customs such as child marriages were also disgusted with the advent of new thoughts as science says it is not good for society. In ancient time, in villages, people were died with diseases such as cholera, fever and T.B. etc., But now, such dangerous diseases are removed from the society with the advent of medicines. One of the greatest achievement by science is that Polio disease has been completely eradicated from the people. Many vaccines and injections are used for new borned babies in present. Children deaths were more in number in ancient times. People realize that they have to contact the doctor immediately after any disease that attack their children. This thought is rooted in their minds because of fruits of science.

Aim of science:

Science should be used for welfish of the people. But, in second world war, due to nuclear bomb, Japan people were died and till now they face many problems with the radiation of the bomb. Every two countries in this world are in claws of fear about nuclear bombs so there is no friendly environment among countries. So, science has to accrue friendship bonds among countries. Those countries has to share their knowledge among them to make more comfortable environment to the people.

Need of science as a subject at secondary level:

If we observe a child between 3 to 8years old, the child has many doubts in the mind about nature. For every component he find in nature, he asks his parents in three question frames. They are What,Why and How. These three questions are enough for his intellectual growth. To expand his thinking elaborately, educationalists and psychologists suggest that environment science is needed at primary level. At secondary level, that environment science diverges as general science by focussing children interest on specific topic. After completing secondary education, a student can have certain idea on science topics that are observed in nature. Then, those who have quest for science knowledge in specific field, they can do that. Like this quest of science is accrued from childhood to later stages.

Author: S. Chowdhury        
Posted Date: 12/19/2011    Points:4    

Science is really a boon and a curse as well rightly as you said. It has changed our lives but it has also brought about a lot of problems that are hampering our environment and threatening our very existence. So I guess it is time people use Science only to the benefit of mankind and not to get one up with Nature. Nature is supreme, it has always been so and will be even after mankind is gone. It is time everybody realized it.
Your article is written well but could have been a little better with a bit more illustration.

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