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Top Business School Essay Writing Tips

July 11, 2010  by: Aakash  Points: 15   Category: Others  Earning $0.70   Views: 1372

The business school essays give you feedback on where you are headed in your life whether you should continue in the business you are in and whether this is the right time for you to do your MBA. I feel that business school essays help explain your work experience means to you.


1. Analyse Your Strengths and Weakness: Before you start writing your essays, analyse your strengths and weakness. Make sure you highlight all the things that you would like to share with the admission committee. If there is any area in you application which is not so strong explain it in your essays.

2. Proofread Your essays: Since you have written your essay, you might not catch the mistakes that maybe pleasant. Get your essays read by friends, family, employers and the like. Make sure your essays don't have any obvious grammatical errors.

3. Talk to Alumni: Alumni of universities you plan to apply to can be a valuable source of information and can tell you what exactly the admission committee is looking for. Show alumni your essays and get their opinion on what you should add or subtract from your essays.

4. Don't Repeat Information: Universities do not appreciate applicants who repeat the same information in their essays. Thus, include the different things you have done in the past into your essay.

5. Answer the Question Being Asked: Do not expect the admissions committee to hint for the required answer in your essay. Be direct in your approach and make sure that you have answered the question.

6. Don't Use Company Lingo: Don't just assume that the reader of your essays will be familiar with your work jargon. Avoid using short forms of words and don't assume that everyone knows that BPO is Business Process Outsourcing.

7. Write Interesting Things and Not Mundane Experiences: Don't just write your essays because you have to. If you look at the essay writing as a compulsory evil, your essays will inevitably be boring. Be passionate about your work and your goals and your essays will be much more interesting.

8. Be Forceful and Not Wordy: Students in India are used to writing wordy sentences. Universities overseas do not like wordy essays and expect applicants to write precide ones. Make sure your essays do not have very long sentences and never exceed the word limit prescribed by the university.

9. Don't Whine: Many students tend to whine about their life, their education and so on. Business schools prefer positive and well motivated individuals. You can explain something bad that may have happened in your life. But do not keep whining to the admission committee.

10. Be Honest: Business School admission officials are well trained individuals who most likely have read thousands of essays. Don't try and make your work experience seem more than it is. Also, it is important your essays have to be your own work.

Most business schools require a set of essays examining various factors of your life rather than a single statement of purpose. These essays have to reflect who you are, the impact your work experience has had on your career goals, and what your work experience means to you.


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