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Garlic Is Your Health Companion

December 18, 2011  by: Paulose  Points: 30   Category: Health    Views: 730

Garlic has much more to offer in spite of its strong odor. Marvelous effects and healing powers have been attributed to garlic. It has an important place in all medicinal systems.


Dating back more than 6,000 years, garlic has been a faithful health companion of humanity. It has been occupying a prominent place in all the eastern medical systems. The word referring to garlic in Old English had the meaning "spear leek" which itself describes the quality of garlic. It is still hailed for its curing cold, or growing hair or even warding off evil spells. In the modern cuisine garlic is becoming more and more popular.

Ten Important health Benefits of Garlic

1) Most Potent Food of Nature

Garlic has been recognized as the most potent food provided by nature for human well being. It is one of the reasons that people who eat diet garlic live long healthy lives. Garlic is a still a powerful performer in the research labs and so many properties and benefits of garlic are still to be studied. Scientifically known as Allium sativa, garlic has been famous throughout history for its ability to fight off diseases.

2) Invaluable medicine for bronchial diseases

Syrup of garlic is an effective medicine for cold, asthma, cough, hoarseness, difficulty in breathing and most other disorders of the lung. Its powers for promoting expectoration have particular value in chronic bronchitis. Bruised and mixed with lard, if applied of chest, it is very effective to arrest whooping cough.

3) Promotes cardiovascular health

One of the important properties of garlic is its ability to promote heart and cardiovascular health. Several studies are still going on to make this property more beneficial to health.

4) A reliable home remedy for ear infections and ear aches

The natural antibiotic property of garlic, called allicin, is an essential ingredient in some of the most effective home remedies for ear infections and ear aches. Garlic can also be used alone and it can be taken orally as an infusion to speed up the recovery from ear and other infections.

5) A powerful fighter against cancer

Garlic is an excellent source of the cancer fighting mineral selenium which works synergistically with vitamin E to boost antioxidant power and prevent cancer. It also slows down the signs of aging and hardening of tissues through oxidation.

6) Controller of cholesterol

Recent studies have confirmed that several forms of garlic can reduce cholesterol. Epidemiological and medical studies suggest that individuals who consume garlic regularly have longer blood-clotting timings and show lower blood lipid levels, which means a reduced risk of stroke. Garlic is natural medicine for treating high blood pressure

And it is recognized for its ability to naturally lower high cholesterol.

7) Garlic has strong power for strengthening the immune system

Garlic has strong anti-inflammatory properties and also it increases the overall antioxidant levels of the body. It is well known from ancient days for its ability to fight off viruses and bacteria. Louis Pasteur discovered in 1858 that bacteria died when they were dowsed with garlic. It was used in the Middle Ages to treat wounds, being ground or sliced and applied directly to wounds to inhibit the spread of infection. The Russians treated garlic as Russian penicillin.

8) An aphrodisiac to solve male dysfunction

Selenium, contained in garlic, is critical for the production of glutathione peroxidase, the body's primary antioxidant that is found in every cell. Males are especially sensitive to selenium levels. Almost half their body's supply concentrates in the testicles and portions of the seminal ducts adjacent to the prostate gland and so the selenium lost in the semen and can be replenished by garlic and solve erectile dysfunction.

9) Good for intestinal disorders

Since ancient times, garlic has been a reliable remedy for intestinal disorders, flatulence, worms, etc. The juice of garlic mixed with milk can destroy or expel parasitical intestinal worms.

10) A very effective and inexpensive cosmetic

The high sulfur content in garlic enables it to tone up the skin and make hair more lustrous. It makes skin smooth and supple, and strengthens nails. The sulfur in garlic works with vitamin B and supports body metabolism, helping people look trim. It also helps maintaining youthful elasticity in tissues and also prevents dandruff.



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