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Confusing Commercial Tricks of Cosmetic Ingredients

December 18, 2011  by: Paulose  Points: 15   Category: Health    Views: 575

Commercialism plays all kinds of tricks to catch consumers and thrust their products into their hands. Cosmetics such as shampoo and soaps are some examples for this. One has to be very careful about the ingredients of these products.


Commercialism puts on all kinds of costumes to convince the consumer to make him buy the products whatever may be their quality. Consumers' needs are unending in the ever-expanding and competitive global market. More and more products of the same make are flooding into market with different labels. Commercial markets are vying one another to capture consumers to promote their products. It is unfortunate that consumers who are most conscious of reading labels to ensure the ingredients of food products do not seem to bother about the ingredients of cosmetics, personal care products and other non-food items.

Studies say that many ingredients in cosmetics such as shampoo are dangerous. There are many dangerous ingredients in the creams, ointments, body-washes and shampoos. Some names of the ingredients confuse and mislead the consumers easily.

The detailed database by Environmental Working Group (EWG) gives a lot of particulars about "integrated database of chemical hazards, regulatory status, and study availability by pooling the data of nearly 60 databases and sources from government agencies, industry panels, academic institutions, or other credible bodies."

Dangerous ingredients in personal care products, including shampoos

1) Food and Drug Administration(FDA) allows manufacturers using any chemical they want in personal care products, even if it is a hazardous one. It allows all sorts of chemicals to be used in the personal care products, including carcinogens that contribute to liver failure and nervous system disorders.

2) Most of the shampoos add petrochemicals which can be absorbed through the scalp and skin. Over time, they accumulate in the organs and tissues and cause many diseases.

3) Toxic chemicals that are considered as hazardous and dangerous in prescribed drugs are added as ingredients and are absorbed into the body while bathing.

4) Even shampoo labeled as "herbal" product contains hazardous ingredients such as methyl-chloroiso-thiazolinone, which are dangerous to skin.

5) Another chemical commonly found in personal care products is diethanolomine (DEA). It is formulated into soaps, detergents, shampoos and over 600 household and personal care products.

6) A certain sodium laureth sulfate is used in most of the shampoos in order to produce foam. It is a cheap but dangerous product that is generally used to scrub floors. It has been proved that it would cause cancer in the long run.

7) Polymers are used in shampoos as binding agents and emulsifiers. Some polymers are artificial used in making plastics, concrete, glass, and rubber.

8) Every now and then new announcements are published about some toxic chemical found in personal care products that is related to either cancer or neurological disorders. But still, they do not open the eyes of people.

Shampoos are in existence only in the recent decades, promoted by commercial world. Consumers should be on the guard not to be taken away by the lure of advertisements and suffer in the long run.


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