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Did the Church Condone Slavery in America

December 18, 2011  by: Madan G Singh  Points: 12   Category: Others    Views: 807

The Church accepted slavery of the black in America for close to 150 years


The eighteenth and nineteenth century was a trying time in America for the black population. Thousands of blacks from Africa were kidnapped or enticed to come to America to work on the large plantations in the southers United states. These vast plantations and farms which were owned by the whitemen needed these blacks to work on the estates. Thus the blacks from Africa were transported as slave labor to work on plantations and farms owned by the white men.

This state of affairs continued for over a100 years. the sad part is that all these whitemen were good christians and prayed regularly in the church. They also religiously attended Sunday sermons which were delivered by white priests from the pulpit. they must have also crossed their hearts and believed in Jesus. But one cannot under stand how these men who were good christains kept the blacks as slaves, chained from the day of birth to their death. I wonder how the priests of christianity could give sermons from the pulpit on evil and God without mentioning slavery of the black man.

The fact is that the Christian clergy condoned slavery and in a way perpetuated it. If the church had strongly intervened in this matter then the curse of slavery could have been eradicated long ago. The Christian religion has a lot to answer for this monostrous crime on the black man.

When emancipation did come the black realised that the Christian religion had let him down and perhaps that is the reason that vast numbers of blacks are converting to Islam. Islam promises equality which the Christian religion never did and perhaps it is poetic justice that the black has asserted himself and many have converted to islam.


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